Nottingham sports weekend

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Keeper, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to East Midlands OTC for a cracking piss up on the Saturday night, the perfect way to prepare for a day of sports!!

    Who won the Queens Cup in the end? We had to rush to get a flight back to Belfast and missed the prize giving.

    Did anyone else think the format of the football ie 11 a-side and only 15 minutes long, wasn't quite right?
  2. What I want to know is who won the Girls rugby?

    I've got money riding on that. (Metaphorically of course, gambling is wrong... *cough*)
  3. Unfortunately it was the emu ladies (they gave us a hammering in the group stages) who narrowly beat the welsh in the rugby.

    Overall, Exeter won the Queens cup, with EMU second and the mighty Sheffield in third.

    Top Day.
  4. The social was okay, not enough drunk people though!

    And a boat race WITH
  5. i like your methods blonde_guy
    Went to the signals competition and the standard of other OTCs drinking was appauling
    However I must admit the Paddys weren't there and I am sure they would given us a run for our money
  6. Also Exeter are far to keen
    They just need to Chill the f*** out
    OTCs are not meant to be serious
  7. Also Exeter are far to keen
    They just need to Chill the f*** out
    OTCs are not meant to be serious
  8. The Jock UOTC's are mostly Northern Irish, or at least it definitely feels like it. Those at Queens were just to scared of not being able to get the Ulsterbus home :wink:
  9. not edinburgh - thats fooking yah country over there - oxbridge rejects!
  10. Aye good point!
  11. The Paddys were there on the sports weekend and were a cracking bunch of lads, good banter all around.

    No offence to escape_artists but the Jocks I met there were cnuts of the highest order. Sure this is not all of their OTC though.

    Banter is banter, I'll admit that, we give it and take it.....but there seemed a small hardcore there who were disgracefully anti-English and zenophobic towards us, and almost violently so! Not really entering the spirit of banter eh?
  12. As my unit were the only Jocks (not that I am mind!) there, I bet I know exactly who you're talking about! Was one rather.... portly (what a word! :D ) and on the football team and his other half fairly thin and in charge?
  13. they were footballers and i defo remember a fairly thin and rather large cnut pissing us all off!!! Indeed i do only remember there being 2 proper cnuts givinh it

    They were just lucky we were so battered most of us passed out before anything could escalate lol
  14. I liked the fact that as Wales UOTC, we arrived without a single welsh person :D

    Yeah, the football was annoying, the fact we only got two games, and had to stand around for basically the whole day. Oh, and yours truly was in goal with two broken fingers :D

    Also, what the fcuk did you lot do to our ladies rugby team? We have to keep em in the dark and feed em raw meat now :( I've never seen such violence as that semi-final, I'm still having therapy. Incidently, the size of the fookin' ref!