Nottingham Forest v Bristol City - 07/11/2009

Just had an email from the club and the tickets are availible in T Block (right hand side, as you look from the main Stand, of the Lower Brian Clough stand) from rep's in barracks not the ticket office.

At the moment only Chetwynd Barracks in Nottingham are selling tickets but I'm just about to get the posters and see if anyone from my barracks is interested.

If anyone would like to sell tickets in their barracks please email the address in the post above and request more information from Daniel.

Here's the email I received from him:

The tickets are available in a certain area of the ground, T Block to be precise. We are not actually selling tickets through our ticket office but through Barracks and Bases. At the moment only the Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell are selling tickets.

If you would like to sell tickets at your Barracks then let me know and I will send out however many tickets you think you may need along with the terms and conditions and posters for the offer.

All we ask is that you return any unsold tickets with a cheque or postal order to the value of tickets sold the day before the game. If returning in person we will accept cash.

Kind regards,

Edit to correct stand information
Further to my last I've had another email from Daniel and he's asked me to pass on the following:

Due to the postal strike we have changed our strategy.

As you are probably aware Nottingham Forest are offering members of the Armed Forces a special ticket price of £5 for the Forest v Bristol City match on Saturday 7 November.

If you would like to purchase tickets please email me on stating how many tickets you would like, along with the name of your base and the names of the people who are wanting the tickets.

Please note that each member of the Armed Forces can purchase a maximum of one ticket for themselves plus one ticket for a friend or family member.

When I receive your email request I will add the details onto a list so you will be able to collect your tickets in exchange for the £5 per ticket payment. Tickets will be available to collect from 1.30pm up until kick-off at 3pm from the Away ticket window, (the tickets are for T Block which is a home area of the ground) at the back of the Brian Clough Stand here at The City Ground.

In order to claim your tickets you must bring your Forces I.D. Please note only two tickets can be purchased per Forces I.D. shown.

If you know of anyone else who would like tickets then please ask them to email me at
If anyone would like the poster to print out and put up in your bks, PM me with your email (civvie or Dii) and I'll forward it on to you.

This is T Block

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