Notting Hill Carnival

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Silent_Scope, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Shootings, GBH, Knifing, Robbery, Drug Abuse, and a 15 year old wearing a stab vest, these are some of the things that a freind of the family (who policed the Notting Hill Carnival) told us about.

    Other things include the locals boarding up thier houses and leaving for the weekend.

    So, is the Notting Hill Carnival really as good as the Police paper pushers lead us to beleive?

    Edit: Not trying to nock it, just curious as to what people feelings about it are :)
  2. You are also describing parts of Manchester every day of the year, except we don't get scantily dressed attractive women dancing round, just gangs of moronic cnuts, drunks, TWOCcers, drug dealers and other sundry scum.
  3. Actually went to the carnival this year... the Sunday (family day) was really good. Wonderful atmosphere with very little trouble (over the day's work I think I have two images of a chap being arrested and that's it!) and many friendly people.

    Many of the local residents (not all) were still around and joining in with the festivities, in fact I ended up in a flat full of posh totty at the end of the night (didn't manage to score obviously).

    One thing people did mention was that the Monday was when the real problems occurred (as illustrated in the news) and that was the general consensus of all and sundry! Was planning to try and get back on the second day to catch some of the aggro but couldn't make it.

    I don't think it's a waste of time, just a shame that the second day is the way it is.
  4. Silent_Scope,

    There's not a lot of mileage in this thread chum - just close it.

  5. RANT...ON! :x


    Is it because it's about a carnival in the predominantly black community? Or in case someone is offended that this bastion of PC "racial harmony" is criticised?

    Went to it one year 98/99 iirc and it was the most unpleasant day I’ve ever had in London. Whites are accused of being racist...F uck ME! Well put it this way....I'd now be doing time or worse if the experience I had was reversed!


    RANT....OFF :D
  6. Datum,

    Now we are talking - this thread started off like tea party with my mother in law. The dogs are now slipped care of you.

    Let them bite every fecker..! Well done.!

    I'll admit - I was tired and bored earlier.
  7. Haven't been for a few years but I love it - top tunes, great food and plenty of young gyals wearing fook all... :headbang:

    I've been something like 10 times and if you had that many Manc scallies in one area I'd hate to think what it would be like...
  8. hang on a min, England v India (cricket) to capaicty 20k+, England v Germay 25k+ germans turned up, Notting Hill carival lot of white people milling about, right bunch of recist's we are if the press would be believed?
  9. I before e, except after c.

  10. That's a stupid comment to make.

    I found a comment on the news rather interesting, 'It's great we get to live our lives the Caribbean way - no authority!'

    Says it all that --- and there's no mileage?
  11. What a load of shite. It's the least black thing in London, if that's what anyone's griping about. It's just an excuse for lots of blond-dreadlocked Old Etonians to wear wifebeaters and drink Red Stripe while saying 'Ma-te, this is great, everyone's sooo black. Let's bun a zoot, yeah?"

    West London. I shit on it.
  12. Bro policed it on aid for 3 years and swore to book it off every year thereafter coz he hates it so much!
  13. A bit like my old man with the Matthew street festival in Lpool. I imagine its the same at most major annual events.
  14. Pointless
  15. Well I've been 4 or 5 times, loved it and have only witnessed a couple of incidents on the Monday, namely gangs of kids who 'steam' through the crowds in a line, one behind the other in a conga fashion and barge past people - there were so many of them that you can't stop them or say anything and these days I wouldn't want to! These are street gangs who act like they own the streets and in their eyes they do and are probably behind muggings, pick pocketing and drug dealing. The other thing I was involved in was late on the Monday night when the crowds were slowly making their way to Kensal Rise tube station - it was packed. A few idiots on motorbikes were showing off and wheel spinning and revving in the middle of hundreds and hundreds of people and the resulting backfiring spooked the crowd causing a bit of panic (my section of the crowd began to fall and a domino effect meant lots of people ended up on the crowd or slightly crushed).
    I'm sure you get opportunist crime and fights and anti social behaviour at every large event from Ascot races to Glastonbury - the focus on this is mainly because of the ethnic group involved(!)