Notting Hill Carnival

Some say it should be cancelled, others say it should go ahead. I think that the carnival could potentially turn into a bloodbath. I can't believe that it's on.
I thought it was all hippies and veggies that went to this and not scroats of the lowest order? But im old and unwise to things like this... :D

Edit ...Got my wire's crossed with another event ..Time for the medication..
I certainly think it shouldn't be held in a residential area - it must be a complete nightmare for peolpe who live there. It shouldn't be cancelled though - the children will have spent months preparing dance routines, music etc.

It has been suggested moving it to Hyde Park in the past - this seems a good solution to me. I think that would make it less of a burden on the Met - it it's cancelled it is giving in to thugs
In theory yes but it is a Caribbean event and how to put this, their community are somewhat prone to active participation in criminal acts during this carnival and it is a total waste of police time as it always kicks off and always requires heavy policing!
It would be silly to try to ban it. The community would hold it anyway and preventing it would start a riot.
A bit catch 22. It will be good cover to organise a riot.
If nowt else it'll give plod a chance to eyeball all the little scroats who've been in hiding for a few weeks! I say let it go ahead but plaster cctv shots of those still 'wanted' alles uber der platz!
This so called carnival requires huge police resources to keep the streets safe and relatively crime free - if the organisers want this farce to go ahead get them to pay for the police presence.
give them enough rope to hang themselves.

If it is cancelled they wil cry foul of the fascist state excluding them from society. If they hold it and it goes wrong we can prove they are all miscreants.
who exactly are "they" ?
the un-named majority that were involved in last weeks looting spree. Who "I imagine" have strong cultural links to the notting hill carnival.
this minority of the London community involved in the riots will hopefully be on remand during B/H weekend. The Carnival is an international event which I guess brings tourists to London. We don't want our city to get the reputation of being an unattractive place to visit - many tourists have a good time here. All it needs is for police chiefs to allow robust policing methods and zero tolerance for any trouble. Sunday (Childrens' Day) is usually ok as I understand it - trouble usually kicks off Monday when people get drunk/stoned the thieves emerge to rob punters.
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