Notting Hill Carnival

What do people think of this? Any coppers here policed it?

Thought I'd go and check it out yesterday for the first time, tick it off the list. OK, a big carnival (converted buses/lorries, with people in fancy dress following behind with loud music, chanting, dancing etc, not really my thing so underwhelming, but I thought I'd see what the fuss given the media attention, popularity and crowded tube trains). Over the years, it only got my attention because of news items such as how many stabbings & arrests were made. But 2 things stood out that aren't shown on the TV (apparently) or in the newspapers: the gutters along most of the route were full of rubbish - don't think I saw any bins (intentional?), some garden walls must have had piles of rubbish (food leftovers, bottles etc) about 2ft high. And then there were the main routes - all but one or two shops in the high st were boarded up, some boards had graffiti on them. Interesting toilet facilities - the men's were big plastic mouldings which could accommodate 4 at a time, pissing in each corner, out in the open air.

Overall impression was it was pretty seedy, not sure if these things make money, but this one must have certainly cost what with £6m to police it and the loss of trade through so many shops having to close for the day, and board their premises. Do the the shops get compensated for this? Is this carnival seen as beneficial or is it a case of tolerating it in case there's a riot?
I went as a kid, all I can remember are a bunch of cnuts dancing around like in Zulu and some other cnuts banging kettle drums.

Didn't see the South Wales Borderers though.
Went along for a little bit to see a Soundsystem play but that was it. Wasn't really that interesting apart from seeing a bloke get carted off for repeatedly slapping passing girls on the arrse.

The problem is that it seems to attract a lot of trouble, lots of youths see it as the perfect opportunity to attack 'rivals' from other areas. :-x

YouTube - Ghetto Boys 2 Peckham Boys - South East Link Up - Carnival

Excuse the shite music 8-O, Skip to 20 seconds. It seemed worse last year though.


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In summary. Filling loosening bass, booze, semi nude fat birds in carnival dress's dancing like zulus, streets running with piss, BBQ smoke, the smell of weed, expensive and shit goat curry, piles of rubbish, and plod manning cordons and being jobsworths.

The most anoying thing I found all day was plod cordoning off each side street, effectively penning everyone in and preventing anyone that wanted to leave the area to do so. I spoke to several and got the same reply. Plod, "This roads closed you'll have to go to so and so street". Me, "Is that cordon open". Plod, "I don't know". Me, "Can you talk with them and ask?" Plod, "No". Me, "Well how do we get to Queens Park to get the train home?". Plod, "I don't know but you can't come through here". 2 hours later I managed to jump a cordon and make my way to the station. Overtime clocking, self important, jobsworth, Twat's!


I've done it loads of times as a cop. On tubes from Baker St (hellish) As part of serial at various locations (only problem is punters who don't realise there is a tactical plan that includes closing of some streets and tube stations - get the ache when they are told "Sorry, you've got to go to Latimer Road")
More recently as public order serials - Ooh I love the Rampage sound stage. And the Peckham boys - I can 'do' their gang sign
Got fitted with some Gucci earplugs with inbuilt comms though.
Noisy, irritating, whistle blowing, "group of youths dressed in black involved in robbery" radio message, long, crap operational feeding 2 day event that I really don't care for.


I wonder if anyone has a list of the names of the morons who allow this organised crime fest. It`s time this nonsense was stopped.
Like Hogg, I've policed it loads of times, nowadays I get my annual leave in early and forego the almost £300 bank holiday payment. I hate it with an almighty passion.

But the worst thing about it is the wilful refusal of anyone with a political agenda to see it for what it is, which is a crime amnesty which attracts gangs from all over London and beyond who can do exactly what they want for two days without fear.

One year I heard on the news that there had been 20 arrests, which was staggering as I made two of them. Did I really make 10% of the arrests that weekend? What were all the other thousands of Old Bill doing? There was also no mention on the news of the shooting at Westbourne Park that year. I wonder why?
Personally, I would not touch the event with a barge pole.

Nick Hanscomb - a cousin - was murdered there in 1991 and I understand the police have given up on the case.
If any of the above doesn't put you of try this!

If any of the above doesn't put you of try this!


That black lad was ******* lucky that fat mess of a gwar didn't fall on him. Fare play to him though, I wander how many pints he had.
Was that Blair's daughter?
We were always busy in the reception area at H,M,P Brixton a couple of days afterwards.
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