Notorious Teacher sex scandals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by London_native, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. Following a previous thread on a female teacher who fcuked her 16 year old student i have taken the liberty to name and shame the most notorious. Here is a photo album of the perpetrators you will find of great interest. Enjoy!!!

    Debra Lafave*Pictures - CBS News

    Filthy, filthy women.
  2. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say: Where the hell were these teachers when I was at school?
  3. Probably not born yet!
  4. We had a French teacher who was perpetually bra-less. Face like an Irish welder but a peek of her deep brown nipples through her chiffon top had me ripping the end of it off after every French lesson.

    We, as a collective also drove the miserable cunt to a nervous breakdown and effectively ended her teaching career with a concentrated blizzard of torment and bad behaviour.
  5. Seconded

    There was maybe a couple when I was a spotty teenage youth ;The drama teacher and stereotypically the French teacher :)

    Mrs Farrel had a definite Miss Stern thing going on :excited:
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  7. We had no teachers that you'd want to be abused by so we passed the time in the same way as JRIII.
    There was a German teacher who would physically shake when you were getting to her so we zeroed in on her like jap snipers.

    Unfortunately we never achieved a breakdown but we managed to get her husband dragged away by plod when he turned up to give us an ear full. As they escorted him to his car we were hanging out the windows giving it wanker signs and fingers. Fond memories.
  8. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    We used to have language assistants who fitted neatly into two camps - absolute munters (usually the German ones) and worth a tug (generally the French ones).

    When one of the lads was out on the roof having a sneaky tab (yes, we were at one of those boarding places) he saw through the window the podgy German getting drilled by the really unpleasant physics teacher from Glasgow, him glowing like only a gwar can, white skin, carrot hair with his black socks left on. Much ribbing led to his complete authority ripped away and he mercifully left shortly after.

    We thought this was great news as it left the gorgeous Frog untouched so imagine our annoyance when one of the boys managed to bag her at the leavers' ball and give her a jolly good seeing to in the bushes. He seemed to forget that there is no I in team.
  9. In the news recently a teacher in Southport was jailed for having sex with some of her pupils. The lad who complained said in court: " We had sex many times at her house, sometimes I stayed all night and we had sex in loads of different positions until I got bored. She also wanted a 3some with my mates".

    FFS some people don't know when they are born?
  10. He complained? What are the youth of today coming too?
  11. I wish I'd been so lucky. The school I went to was notorious for the inclusion of a teacher affectionately known as "Bummer" Bligh, who was keenly interested in boys hoops. He ran the RAF Cadets on CCF days.
  12. Sarah Pirie, the latest one, isn't bad.


    If I was 15 and she took me away for sex I would have thought all my birthdays had come at once.
  13. Oi! I'm on the right side of 30!
  14. When I was In my acne covered teen years my school had a dead hot stunner with a body like a porn star which she was not afraid to show off, she was probably my sexual awakening she left after two years and would you believe it the rumours where that she was dismissed because she screwed an A-level student, damn if only I had been half a decade older.