Notification of release date

Quick question for the knowledgable. Being MD'd under 9.385, had the initial letter from OH, but am now waiting on the final letter with the release date.

I would like to know, do they send the letter to the unit, or private address. I'm currently on resettlement, and it would be good to get the Pen 1 done as soon as, along with the plethora of other loose ends to tie up.

Cheers troops


They will send it to the unit but should also send a copy to you at the address you notified them of on the FMED 24.


Hurry up & wait is correct, it takes a long time to work out your release date, in my case about 6 months. Use the time to your best advantage, remember, you're still getting paid.
On average, the guys at our place have been getting notification within 10 days of being told they are getting MD'd. They only have to work out 8 weeks as I am at the limit for annual leave and have already done my resettlement. Oh well, get on the bus get off the bus :)
don't be too surprised if they schedule the release date 3 months forward or 3 years forward,

there's a few factors that go into the release date and the most often overlooked ones are to do with on going medical treatment (the forces have a duty not to discharge personnel until as far as is reasonably practicable they have finished any prescribed treatment course etc etc) there's also the little known option of making a release date way into the future based on the amount of people being let go during the intervening time period (spreading the workload)

so whilst it may be in 3 months it may just as easily be in 3 years (and the longer it takes the larger the wedge you can get into your skyrocket and the fitter you can get)
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