Notice to the Brits

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bubblehead, Oct 3, 2003.

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  1. Since you left Corporal and I to our own devices in the NAAFI chat, we took the liberty of repainting the room in Navy Blue and Marine Scarlet and Gold.
  2. Ya, it needed some class.
  3. Doe's this mean it look's like a cross between a cheap brothel and a gay bar now ?. If so it will suit this place down to the earth :lol:
  4. Hey bubblehead and Corporal! Way to go! Now let's bring in the Marines and invade just for kicks! :lol: 8) :mrgreen:
  5. Break out the red coats me harties, the Septics are here to give us a kicking. Do they know how to spell it without distorting a perfectly good and working dictionary. Or will they do it by sending in a secret army of tourists wearing sickly checked trousers, turtle neck shirts and sneakers, with baseball caps too dont forget.

    Lets hope they bring some of their favouite heroes with them.

    1. Marylin Manson

    2. Wyle E Coyote

    3. Foghorn Leghorn

    4. Nearly forgot Bugs Bunny.

    5. John Wayne

    6. Superman and his space dog.

    Oh the list goes on and on. But one thing is for sure, if they win they will have finally done something on their own. The Septics will no longer be able to steal the winning battles of the Brits and turn it into their own history to cover the shame of their loss.

    Just had a thought. The Septics will no doubt soon make a film stating that it was them who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

    And I bet they will also say it was'nt a brit who was first man on the moon.

    Lets do them all a favour, lets all go across the pond, go to some hillbilly villages (unless the incestrous banjo freaks get us first) and vote for the last action hero Schwartzenegge to be president.

    It could only happen in the states. Look what happenened the last time. Reagan....................... Call me old fashioned but didnt he used to work with monkeys??????????? and by the way.......It was Maggie Thatcher who wore the pants when she was in the white house.

    Try it on chaps - but remember.........You will be on our terretory and you arn't very good on other peoples territories are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. XXXJAKE Bring it on I could do with a laugh!
    By the time you have finished calling in arty on yourself there wont be much left for us to do!
    I'm chuffed to bits your compatriots are not all like you I'd have to stop visiting.
    P.S. Are you the worlds only surviving brain donor?
  7. Hey bubble head you and corporal have defaced Army property.
    you will have to stand tall before the man, but given that the govt are as tight as ducks arses when it comes to such maintenance perhaps we should thank you and let it pass.
    Colour schemes a bit PUFFY tho.Hope you didnt pay too much for the paint(u was robbed) 8)
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The colours are a pity poofy, what is marine scarlet, is that like red but a bit gay? While we are in the bar I must recount a story of drinking with sceptic squaddies in the mid eighties. T’was at Sennelager after a joint exercise with the frogs. Miserable French gits went home at endex, not allowed to socialise with real soldiers you see, might stop them from surrendering on cue. Anyway I digress. There we were in the Naafi having a few tinnies with the yanks when a can fight breaks out, as you do. Nothing nasty just friendly banter and can throwing. Now can someone please explain this to me, as I don’t get it? Us brits were throwing our empties, I always thought that was the rules of the game, but the skeptics were throwing full cans. I just don't understand why anyone would throw their beer away! :? Oh well we ended up drinking their full ones and then throwing them back empty. Still a top night was had by all. I lost my crypto cos I was so pissed (fortunately my mate picked it up) then off we went into the night to try and nick an M1 but only managed one of those new fangled (then) Humvees. It was an MP one too which was a bonus. Did some joyriding then we hid it in a 12x12, took them 24 hours to find it. Of course we denied all knowledge. Top night that was.

    Ahhhh happy days. :D
  10. One thing you are forgetting Goldfart. Over a few posts ago, someone mentioned that the Brits came to America to do whatever it was they do. Guess what? We were here before the Brits or anyone else were here to begin with. We're the ones that had Roanoke for dinner, then burped.
    Yes, us Native Americans were here way long before any caucasians set foot here, including Eric the Red in 900 A.D., so no, you weren't here first. LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. So you're an American who decodes the bible and has it in for the Zionists? 8O
    Sh*te bit of paintwork by the way. :twisted:
  12. yeah but the yanks kicked your arse first so that puts you lower down than the french who have never been beaten by the yanks
    (probably cos they never fought them )
  13. Soz Jake old bean, dont see the conection between my post that youve quoted and the post you have quoted it in,My post was banter regarding the NAAFI, yours appears to be a garbled history thingy? Perhaps you could try taking a bit more water/soda with your firewater?
    Later dude. 8)
  14. In the second world war there was a French SS unit, 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne (französische Nr. 1), that formed a large part of the defence of Berlin, and then surrendered to the Yanks, so they have been beaten by the Yanks :p
  15. Actually my ancestor married a Sioux woman in 1832, and settled on the border of North Dakota, or what it is now. The ancestor who married the Sioux woman, Running Red Feather, his ancestors were from Scotland and England also. So we're a bit closer than you think, mate. G'day! :lol: