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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Good CO, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Hi SL ers,

    We're going to have to close the island because of lack of interest and the sheer expense of keeping it going. I will look at possible ways to sell the island, but one way of another it will go offline at some point after 14th of September.

    Sorry to run out on you, but we gave it a fair shot. Thanks for all your input and work and I hope you've enjoyed the last 18 months of virtual ARRSEing.
  2. What can I say, but *Gutted*

    Well, it was good while it lasted, thanks GCO, and the rest of the team who built and ran the Island.
  3. Good CO, I am sorry that it has worked out, lets hope you get a good price for the island.
  4. 'Kinell.

    Keep the forum open, at least. Some of us still go to SL, and it might be a good place to reminisce. Some of us may even have saved screenshots...

    Sorry to see it go. Many fond memories there.
  5. And the disintegration has begun. The Memorial Garden is already gone.

    I do think that we should have a final blast before the wind up of RnR Island. Let's have all those who have been on the Island at any time in the past come along and act stupid for a while before it goes. See the place off in style.

    Any suggestions for date and time?
  6. The memorial garden has gone because i didnt want the island to disappear or be sold and someone just delete it. All the crosses have been returned to their owners as has the monument. The garden poppies etc are in my inv.
  7. That's fine Boney, Thanks for clearing that up - which leads to a question. Do we need to remove our items, or will they be returned once the Island lease expires and it goes off the map? If we have to clear our items, when is the last safe moment?
  8. To save you the hassle, i can return everything on the island to its relevant owners from the estate managers tool. If anyone wants that done, please let me know. GCO should be able to tell us when it needs to be done.
  9. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sorry - I meant 14th September. All safe until then and you never know some wealthy ARRSE gamer might decide to save it at the last moment!
  10. Sorry to hear the Island has to sink! but good to know why I have just had the dedication crosses returned to me, I saw that through E-Mail as I must admit to being one of those who hasn't used S_L for some time...

    Maybe we will see a resurrection of RnR sometime in the hopefully not too distant future, any rich ARRSE Members here?!

    I think it needed some kind of Military Shopping Centre at it's core to keep it worthwhile keeping alive as something that size is bloody expensive...

    Good Work all who were involved, maybe a Union Jack can be left floating afterwards just below the surface to show where the Good Ship RnR Island was sunk...
  11. Ok gents i own an island and have a similar set up like a fibua style scenario in SL look me up under ( nick barnstormer ) mister hudson knows me, ya can actually place any crosses rememberance reefs in a chosen location, and i am planning a memorial there.
    I would also like to honour our war dead somehow when rememberance comes around, both online as we do offline.
    Just be aware it is a roleplay sim so its a bit of a helmand in the gameworld. :!:
    Your all welcome along and possibilities of joining up with my group 27th SLC and base raping lots of smeg heads in other groups is on the cards.
    I also design mostly british kit for our regiment as authentic as my sad arrse can manage.
    So come on down and we can discuss RnR's shutdown in style. :wink: