Nothing wrong with the tyre, sir.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Mikal, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Recently had a chat with the dealership due to my nice new car kept losing pressure in one tyre.

    They tried to insist jsut a slow leak but I suggested a check up on the ramp and hey presto, a friendly bit of metal on the edge of the tread and tyre wall which they repaired but have yet to supply the same tread pattern tyre for.

    I wasn't prepared to fill the tyre with gunk. Like most modern cars - no spare tyre of any description. Getting the right replacement as in the tread (I prefer a matching set) seems to be beyond the dealership. I'm using them because I only pay for the tyre and not fitting. This being cheaper than going round the corner to National Tyres.

    I'd chosen this particular Audi dealership due to ease of access and proximity to the work place over the local one. Whoops.
  2. If they can supply one particular pattern, they can supply four of them.

    VW did, no problem.
  3. I like Audis. THerre was a nice red Audi TT roadster broken down on the main road near where I work the other night. Completely blocked the traffic and the owner didn't seem to think of pushing it out of the way. I did notice the fuel filler cap was open so I presume that after looking inside for fuel he had probably run out of ideas.

    But never mind, his mate tipped up in a 4x4 Jap thing and towed him away with a length of blue nylon rope.


  4. This Audi isn't too bad. The clutch took a bit of getting used to.

    My one beef is the huge disparity in published combined mpg and actual even after 15,000 miles. My French pile of junk was almost spot on.
  5. The last one was a VW. I liked it it a lot but I couldn't get what I want or a close alternative within a reasonable timescale from VW. Audi was very much a second choice but the car has won me over.
  6. "Just a slow leak" is not acceptable , repairing sidewalls is definately not recommended and maybe illegal , never mix tyre models on the same axle, its an MOT failure in some countries for good reason , best to have identical tyres all round .
  7. The replacement tyre was ordered on 21st December....... I'm going to go elsewhere soon and order a pair of tyres. Am I allowed to name and shame the dealership on here?
  8. I wouldn't. If you decide to burn them down you've left a trail..
  9. If the engine broke would you insist on a new matching body? If they're the right size, right speed rating, stop being a girl.
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  10. And buy another wheel and lob it in the boot. It may be inconvenient, but not half as inconvenient as not having a spare when you get a blowout.

    Here the rim off my old A6 Quattro. No amount of gunge was gonna fill that!

  11. I've a space saving wheel on this car, first one I've had but your advice is sound.
  12. You sure it was nylon? Most likely to be polypropylene if blue and cheap, as seen adorning the necks of most Iranian crane decorations.

    I'll get my anorak.
  13. It's not like its going to be a cross ply.
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  14. You probably didn't take advantage of a French cars performance. Drive never exceeding a speed limit, change up gears quickly, accelerate and brake smoothly then tell me the figures are that wrong. Yes you'll never get official figures its not possible.
  15. Do they even make cross ply tires anymore?