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Try Reddit. This is British military site. We don't do "ranch" here.
Thought these were issued. My now ex SiL had one at Support Group.
A quick search shows a number of threads on MR packs but you seem conspicuous in your absence of comment on those..
And Who said i wasn’t trying several locations..?
I think they are issued, speshul people. Level Peaks I believe used to do them in the UK and my mate at HQG does them for the boxheads, along with Eberlestock which I prefer.

Anything Mystery Ranch fetches a good price 2ndhand so selling it and buying another in the colour you want may be the way ahead. There are always a fair few on US e-bay. Point of interest: If you have a really way out colour requirement they will make one for you if you can find the cordura, couple of the lads I know in Germany sent over some cordura flecktarn and had them made up.
Thank you for the helpful ideas. I could sell it, true, but would then need to make up the difference having paid Greedbay taxes. Importing means risk of heavy taxes.
As i want the brown colour (nothing loony) , which is cheaper to buy, i’m hoping someone might be interested in a straight swap. No harm in trying right ?
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