Nothing to see here, just discussion of dilectical materialism so move along thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Albertous, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. As the title suggests, nothing for the mods to bother themselves with on this one.

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  2. onepiecejawdrop.jpg
    Egads man, that's some materialism!
    *replaces monocle, puts on coat*
  3. Good job I haven't reported it then.
  4. Mumsnet complaint in 5,4,3,2.....
  5. Now as I understand it Dialectical materialism is a strand of Marxism developed by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The concept is based on Hegelian thesis-antithesis-synthesis dialectics but shifts dialectical activity away from the Hegelian mental world--the world of mind or ideas--to the physical world, the material world of economic change. Strictly speaking, "dialectical materialism" refers narrowly to metaphysically directed historical change that follows dialectical rules. Loosely speaking, the term refers to Marx's overall economic theory, in which dialectics plays but a minor role. This theory holds that economic history progresses through many economic systems through a repetitive process in which each system's economic base changes and then the economic superstructure slowly and belatedly changes. Moses Hess, a friend of Marx and Engles, contributed some of the theory's ideas.Joseph Dietzgen, a socialist philosopher and another friend of Marx, developed his own version of dialectical materialism.

    But correct me if I am wrong some of those ladies dont even shop at Marx&Engles none of them seem to own a single bra among them.

    Or have I got the wrong pair here...


    Its about the tits isn't it?

    Thought so.
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  6. No comment.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that, didn't understand it, but enjoyed it none the less. The use of the big words was dead impressive.
    Did you actually know that, or did you copy and paste it from somewhere, if you did know it, remind me never to get in an internet word off with you.....I'd look a right cunt in about 2 seconds.
  8. When someone can write a post as informative and thought-provoking as this it restores one's faith in the quality of the arrse membership. It's not all about India and Kent.
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  9. Sir.
    This kind of quality on ARRSE is like a dog that speaks, very rare.
    This kind of quality on the Internet however is like a dog that speaks Norwegian, even rarer!
    I'll get my coat shall I?
  10. Sitting at computer.

    Stirred by the compliments.

    Feeling slightly guilty as not all of the post may be my exact own words. However I did write them.

    And no apart from the bit about tits not sure I understood it either but I had a go.

    There that feels better.

    Also in re-reading the definition it is apparent that my actions fitted in with Marx and Engles definition of a metaphysically directed historical change in that i did not include actual photos of said tits in line with the posters origional direction.

    Right of for a lie down with a flannel over my eyes.

    Carry on with the tits though.
  11. Yes, but why isn't he posting about tits?
  12. Breats please. Someone so erudite does not talk of tits. I cannot say why he is not posting about breasts as only he knows the answer to that. However, he is having a lie down so perhaps inspiration will follow. (big nipples please, I do like big nipples).
  13. I do and did talk of tits. Mind you I'm more of a leg man esp in full webbing.

    Erudite. Wow there is always a first time.
  14. Good man Sharpe. I've been trying to get the thread back on track by the pic won't load.