Nothing to say

I have absolutely nothing of any importance to contribute to these pages at the moment.

I just wanted to say that tomorrow (today in fact because it's gone midnight) is my last working day in the Army. Kit will be handed back and with all the leave I have stored up, I don't need to get a real job until September.

:) :) :)

Alright, I admit it was a cheap shot.... but FUN!
S_N. A brand new adventure is about to begin.
Its like basic again for the first couple of months then once you are into it
(civvy street) its not to bad.

One piece of advice, don't do nothing, keep the mind or body occupied as it is so easy to slob out and no one to be accountable to.

Whatever you do mate good luck and stay with ARRSE it is a good release valve sometimes.


PS. Whats a real job?
I have no connection with the Intelligence Corps whatsoever.

But this is a generic topic and so...

I retired last year, so my experience might be of some help to you. On the other hand it might not, but here goes anyway.

Doing nothing is fantastic, albeit only for a short while. Have a fortnight or three weeks off and bloody well enjoy it. You've earned it.

After that if you're not careful the rot sets in. Longer nights, shorter days, fewer topic for discussion with your wife/family, the temptation to self-medicate, melancholy times when you miss the things that you thought you were escaping...

Hairy handbag is right. After your holiday make sure you have something to get up for, preferably something you enjoy.

Above all, good luck!
Couldn't agree more with the comments above. I remember being royally pissed off when people said to me, "but how are you going to adjust?", as if I'd been living on Mars the whole time I was in.

But truth be told, there were some adjustments to be made which I hadn't considered or expected. Biggest shock, frankly, was quite how fcuking rude and stupid so many people are.

The guy's right - kick back for a few weeks but it's best to make sure the mind and body get out of neutral shortly afterwards.

Best of luck for the future.

I'd like to say its been a pleasure.......but i can't!!!

Only joking mate.

I shall look back with fond memories when you dropped us in it by smoking in that TA Centre toilet, the bunny killing episode in Oxfordshire, and the mobile phone 'get out of jail free card' incident when comms were down. The Corps will be a poorer place without you in it. Good luck and I wish you all the very best in civvy street.

Have you still got that record of the 'regional' abuse you had to take. I seem to remember you were going to take the MoD to the cleaners when you leave.

Cheers and good bye

turn to alchohol its the only way to survive civvi street!

my kidneys are the size of grapes after 2 months after leaving (well getting the boot) the Army! but its so much fun

And when you get a real job pull a sicky its such a buzz not having to stand outside the med centre at 7 in the morning!


blondey xx

ps good luck
I also have dekited (already) and my last day is next friday. Paid until November, which is nice.
Good luck SN, all the best.
Actually, I was almost depressed about it today; walking back from the QMs, it suddenly hit me that I no longer own so much as a pair of Army socks any more. Then I walked back into the office, saw the latest round of silly directives in my inbox and cheered up a bit.
Thanks for all the helpful advice, guys. The good news is that I still intend to post regularly on here, the bad news is that I will no longer be constrained by the CoC, so can say what I want. Or should that be the other way round?

EyeSpy: You had to remind me of that poor bunny, didn't you? I still feel guilty about that, and dream of the little starving baby rabbits, waiting for daddy to come home with some food! Had to drop the plans for litigation after it was explained to me that being a Scouser, I am not actually a member of an ethnic minorty. :)
Almost forgot, one last item to get rid of:

Int Corps WO2 Mess Kit for sale.
Waist 32", chest about 42" but don't actually know (it doesn't matter because you don't close the bloody jacket), length to fit a 6'1" male.
Waistcoat fabric at the back is not correct colour but front panels are OK, so no-one will notice. I got away with it for 16 years and didn't get one single port fine. Not for the waistcoat anyway.
Would suit a tall, skinny streak of p1ss who is too mean to buy a new one.
Cost: No money required, but request that a suitable donation to ICA is made.
Slightly_Nasty said:
Actually, I was almost depressed about it today; walking back from the QMs, it suddenly hit me that I no longer own so much as a pair of Army socks any more.
I'm told you may still have a car bag, set of map books and a shell card on a 1033 somewhere? Also, there is someone else who still wants to speak to you about a blue 109" landrover last seen in BG (S)
SN good luck, its not as bad out here as some would have you believe, well not all the time anyway and you can't get bubbled for ARRSEing during working hours.
I too am leaving in September, off work as of next week. I have absolutely no idea what i'm going to do.
Bit of a long shot really.

I left the Army some months ago, and am now in a very good position to offer the degree of assistance that I would not have minded receiving myself. If there is anyone with IT Sy quals / experience, Project Management or Project Support type skills (I'm thinking PRINCE 2), or a decent background in IT engineering, please drop me a PM.

In a similar vein, if there is anyone who could do with a bit of advice about transition to civvie employment / jobhunting / CVs, then ditto.

The Corps will be a sadder place without you - I've PM'd you back by the way but having probs with it right now - so if you're still wondering who I am...

I taught you Spanish in Belize and I say fcuck a lot and I'm not sure you've forgiven me for coming round your place with a Pot Noodle a couple of years back.

Good Luck matey and stay in touch.
S-N; good luck in civvie street mate. Be strong, don't let those hub caps tempt you! :lol:

Hmmm, S-N stories..... Well S-N did edit a subversive in-house scandal sheet which I was a contrbiutor to, called Private MI around about 2000-02 whilst we were both at 1 MI. I've still got no idea how you got the stories about the CO's youthful courting days past the censor (the Adjt).

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