Nothing to Declare!


Just a rant!

currently channel hoping and caught that good awfull program "nothing to declare" Aussie customs being a bunch of cnuts. Arrogant cnuts at that.

Who in their right mind would want to go to bloody Australia anyway? All those poisoneous, bitting, spitting and stinging things and thats just the Aussies! never mind the snakes,spiders, sharks and jelly fish.

See what happens we send all the bloody concvicts down there and a couple hundred years later they think they actually own the place. Can someone dig the original bloody lease out and see if we can't turf them off into the Indian ocean or somthing?
Trust me mate, you haven't seen the internet censoring.

Censors 10% of the porn/illegal stuff, and the rest is stuff that's perfectly legal, along with it slowing down their 'net connections considerably.

It's a mega, mega biatch, If I'm honest.

Plus, the fact that they can't pull off a British accent if they tried, never ceases to amuse me.
Seen the programme a few times seems to me that they have the right idea, putting the undesirables off on the first flight available. No messing round with appeals, against human rights etc......and all the other s**t that our "Border Force" have to put up with.


Gadz, I was contemplating eventually emigrating to the land of Oz. Now I hear about said cencorship. I think I'll ditch that plan ;) :L
Aye, it's pretty screwy.

Basically, think half the stuff that ain't illegal, or pornographic, being blocked for no apparant reason, and your internet going at the speed of mollasses.

Just been talking to a guy that I'm probably gonna be working with from over there, and he was complaining about it. Eh, at least they have the right idea about silly gits with immigration.
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