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Last year I went into hospital for an operation on both my calves, I had a procedure called Bilateral Gastrocnemius Slides. I had suffered for many years with tears to my Soleus muscles each time I did any speed training (or even a PFT!), I could plod for hours at a steady pace, even do marathons with a PB of 3.39. But every time I did anything explosive, I would injure my calves.

After learning to walk again in the early part of this year, and six months of rehab and physio, I am still not able to run without injury, even steady running causes niggles etc.

I have done all manner of strength training to build up my muscles again, I stretch regularly (before, during and after exercise), I can cycle pain free and obviously swim pain free, but desperately want to run again.

The MO has downgraded me to P3 and I am determined to get upgraded again soon, but I have got to pass a PFT first, any suggestions?


I had the same op, and like you have not fully recovered. I can run though, but no were near the standard I used to be able to do.

I have built up my calves by cycling/spinning and weight training, doing both seated and standing calf raises.

My advise is slowly, slowly catchy monkey! Listen to your body and train sensibly, if you feel any pain stop! You are better off starting to run on a treadmill, that way if you do get into difficulty, you are not miles from home and have to limp back!

Take it slowly and good luck!


the_mentalist said:
How long post op are you and how long/far can you run pain free?
I had my op just over a year ago but it took me at least 8 months to be able to run pain free! I can now plod at a sensible pace for 40mins to a hour, but every time I go out i am wary of my calves and have never once been out sice my op without worrying about another injury.

I hope you find this useful and get back to running soon, I know how frustrating it is, but you only have one set of legs so train carefully!



Thanks mate, some good advice there.

Anyone else had this operation or suffer from calf injuries with any tips and hints on getting back to running fitness?

If you had your rehab with the army they should (and would) have given you the right advice to get back to full fitness if it was possible. did you go to a regional rehab unit (RRU) or were you treated locally? my thoughts are you

a) haven't had all the rehab you should have and need to go back to your MO/physio and asked to be referred to your nearest MIAC (assessment clinic), they will look at your injury/fitness/grading as a whole and send you to the right people to help

b) have been through the system and had the right rehab but decided that their way isn't good/quick enough for you and want to break yourself again

c) have been permanently downgraded because it never is going to improve and missunderstood - in which case you need to have a chat with your MO and find out how long you are downgraded for and, if it is a temporary downgrading (usually 6 months) what he/she can do about helping you get re-upgraded (see a)

In the case of a & c explain to people that you are keen to return to full fitness and pass your PFT, and you don't sound like your shy of a bit of phys, they should be more than happy to help....

I hope this helps - like plw says you only get one set of legs.

let us know how you get on

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