Nothing else to do

Mother finds her little son sitting on his bed, 'pulling' himself.
Really worried, she takes him to the doctor who sends him to a trickcyclist.
Trickcyclist sits the kid down and says, "Your mother says you 'pull' youself, is that right?" The kid nods.
"Well, let's see", says the trickcyclist, "How often do you do it?".
Kid thinks, "Oh, about 4 or five times a day".
Trickcyclist absolutely horrified.
"Er, any idea what makes you 'pull' yourself", he asks.
Kid thinks a while, and says, "Well, nothing else to do".
Just then the phone rings in the other office.
"I'm just going to answer that,", says the trickcyclist, "While I'm away, you can have a chocolate out of that Black Magic box".
When he comes back 5 minutes later, he sees with shock that there's only one sweetie left.
Says to the kid, "Hey, I only said you could have ONE chocolate, you've only left one and that was a full box."
Kid says nothing. Trickcyclist says, "Do you know why you ate that many when you were told you could only have one?".
Kid thinks for a few seconds. Shrugs his shoulders and says, "Nothing else to do".
Trickcyclist, outraged, snaps back, "YOU COULD HAVE PULLED YOURSELF, COULDN'T YOU?"

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