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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sabotski, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Long time since i was on here moaning , ---------shafted on the bounty front !!!

    Well here goes , left the regs 29 feb 2012 [ phase uno ] and plumbed in for redundancy - and got it ... 11 Months out and sat around the house with the good old thumb up one's , and JK was the thing i started to look forward to in the morning , so retirement weren't what it was cracked up to be, So one joined the TA , 06/02/2013.
    Current sitrep , just got 30 quid for my bounty - having for filled the reduced commitment of 15 days [ and then some ] MATTS at the lower end ,blar blar , and then got royally dry bummed - because the DIN says i must [ less than 1 years TA service] yep thanks for that [ din placed in hand today - being pay shows up on JPA] timing was just right....

    Next - still feeling a bit sore from the first dry sesh - salt was then added to what has been going on since the 6 feb [ attestation day -AGAIN] shafted on pay - left as a SGT high band level 7 [ max out ] Tank Commander [RAC] joined the Ta still in the RAC , kept Rank , seniority - within the Din -However - being paid at rough 75 quid a day [ low band level 1] . Can someone please clarify - where do i start on pay ? i understand that im diffy the X factor to start with , just not a happy puppy , all put through my PASO , and and and still waiting .....thing is this time round i have the choice - still happy to be shafted as long as im paid for it...
  2. That is quite hard to read. Can I confirm:
    You joined part way through the training year, and believed you had a reduced commitment for at year in order to achieve your bounty?
    On finishing the training year, you were informed that this was not the case, and got a much-reduced bounty?
    If your pay is not as stated it should be in the DIN, then this should be, in theory, a simple-ish fix from your RAO department.

    The first part, unsure of. Possibly looking at a service complaint, but it will prob depend on the wording of what you signed when you re-joined.
  3. yes beer running away with me ... just to clarify - LOOK for appropriate DIN - ref bounty, don't attended matts and push out the required drill nights and courses.....lesson learned.
    pay scale - have asked - but wait week to week. left as Sgt- High band - Lv7- RAC AFV CMDR - Current -Sgt low band Lv1 -still in the RAC all be it TA , is it i start all over again in increments and from that level?
    Cheers ....
  4. Sabotski,

    Try posting that again when you are sober if you want anyone to be able to read it.

  5. Why the feck can't you post with proper words if you want a proper answer.
    I know some here think that if they don't post with.....what they be "squaddie-talk" then they are regarded as plebs or idiots.....
    No further comment required me thinks
  6. Two easy fixes:

    Bounty - your HR admin people need to create an element entry to change your bounty level, although as you joined in Feb you will only get 1 months worth of a full bounty - £149.92.

    Pay - who ever does this in your unit needs to submit a form to SPVA telling them the level you should be on - a very quick fix. You also need to check that your main trade for pay is correct as this dictates higher or lower band.

    Obviously before any of the above can be done you will need to provide documentary evidence - record of service and last Reg pay statement should suffice.


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  7. On a sidebar. This reduced bounty if you only attend part of training year. The requirement is to pass all your MATTS, attend 27 days training including 15 days in Camp training or course in lieu. When did this and get your bounty lopped in half if you only start attending 6 months creep in ?

    If you only need to turn for 27 days and pass MATTS in that time, including a camp/course then why does not being around for 6 months have such an effect on your bounty ? I don't recall anything about those 27 days having to be spread out over 12 months ?
  8. As long as you are a member of the TA for the full training year and complete all required training & MTDs in and out of camp you would qualify for a full bounty. The OP only joined in Feb so has only been a member of the TA for one full calendar month for the TY 2012/13 therefore receives 1/12 of a bounty.

    It has always been the case that you can only qualify for the amount of bounties that you serve complete training years - prior to JPA this meant that if you received a full bounty in your first year you couldn't get one in your last. Since JPA came in you get the proportion of a full bounty for the amount of complete months you serve in the TY as per above.


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