Nothing changes - C19 Pay for your own Coffin.


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Just to show you that adminwise nothing ever changes. I'm reading a book 'Britain's Forgotten Wars', in the intro there is story recounted that will warm the cockles of the hearts of every bean counter and storeman.

Whilst stationed in the West Indies in the mid 19th century a certain regiment suffered an epidemic of cholera. One young sufferer was pronounced as about to die by the poultice wallopers so he was measured up fro a coffin. The coffin was procured but he 'failed to die'.

The question then was who was going to pay for the coffin? Our hero refused to sign his account with this charge against him on the not unreasonable grounds that he had not ordered the coffin, and he certainly did not want it.

Eventually a compromise was reached and he did pay for the coffin, had it fitted with shelves and used it in his barracks as extra storage space.
Have to try that one-I needed a new bookcase and the accom store told me to poke off-next stop the med centre......


I was part of the Army War Graves Unit for the 1st Gulf War, and had to get some coffins for the repatriation of bodies back to the UK.

The storeman at 6 Ord Coy RAOC made me sign for them on a 1033, and also ask when would the unit (6 Ord) get the coffins back 8O

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