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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by down_under, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. do at the moment than to open myself up to some slating. It's 1800ish on Friday and have been on the lash for six hours. What's the northern hemispere doing???? Hahahahaha :D 8) I know, I know: what's the point to this post! Basically gobbing off is all. Mmmm beer. Can't wait for the cricket to see how we go. Snigger.
  2. Why are you sat in front of a PC? If you are in Brizzy, get down the Vic, and if you are in Sydney get to Coogee !
    If you are in Townsville or Tazzy, go and fcuk your kids again.
  3. :D :D :D PMSL
    The vegas sux, Coogee is just like having roll call again, but in civvies. I'm am in the Far North. Near the ville, don't like the kid thing so I'll just go and look at some park people and see how I go. :twisted: In front of the PC cause just got in from the Mess and am changing into civvies before kicking it off proper.
  4. Try going on the p1ss in Bamaga 8O
  5. The easiest way to meet mates in a pub in a place you've never been before is to say you'll meet in a. the Royal, b. the Criterion, c. the Exchange. How easy is that eh? Every town has one of them. Where the hell is Bamaga? Is that rural NSW? :? Where's my cab...
  6. i'm sure i just saw a dingo run off with one of your kids. Now step away from the keyboard and run after it, or better still just leave it. One less crim to worry about after all
  7. You are obviously as pissed as me cos you made no in sense in your sentance structure. Try again mate. :? Dingos? What the feck? Crims? Combat ration 1 man??? :?
  8. He he ausy's are funny, because they think there great when really there just what we didn't want.
  9. i thought they were all brits, well brits that we didnt want at least.

    Q. where are you from son?

    A. quensland

    well its all the queens land !

  10. incase you are unsure of what I was implying

    noun [C] plural dingoes
    a type of wild dog found in Australia

    noun [C]
    someone who commits a crime:
    a dangerous/violent criminal
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It's about 2320 there now so I'm guessing he's pretty much malleted by now :D

    Half an hour and I'm off to start the process myself :p
  12. Christonabike. An Aussie that's actually in Oz and not working behind a bar in London. You crack on Downunder, i salute you.