Nothern Ireland question....? info sought.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pompey_Jock, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Difficult to find the correct/best sub-forum for this to fit into... so am putting it in here....

    Now the overt trouble over there seems to have calmed down and be a bit of a non-issue at the moment... but am seeking info on how things are at a more grass-roots/street level.

    Due to be working over there for a while in the not-too-distant future (not in any Military or UKG capacity I hasten to add)... and this work will involve sitting in a car 'watching' for long(ish) periods of time. Now over here this works fine and normally manage it so as am not noticed at all.... but over there, there is the fact that people may be more wary, watchful and so on. Even a new/different car in an area could get noted and I Really dont want to attract any attention and get a visit from someone modelling the latest line in dark balaclava. Okay - maybe that's a bit far-fetched, but humour me......

    Luckily am not in any well-known, majorly contentious areas.... but trying to ascertain what the 'real' street situation is over there at the moment.

    Probably havent worded this as well as I might - but hopefully you highly giften ARser's will get the gist of it.
  2. What are you? A TV licence inspector!
  3. In a word..... No.

    But thanks for playing, do call again.
  4. Think you'll find, that in any area where there was / is significant paramilitary activity (both urban and rural) or where there are strong political / paramilitary affiliations, you will find people are extremely aware of the presence of strangers.

    Some of these areas are pretty obvious - you will see by the graffiti etc, or you would have heard about in the news. Some of the rural ones are less obvious and you may well never had heard of them on the news, but just think Royston Vaisey on a bad day.

    If you are involved in legitimate work, I would have a word with local police.

    I know a few ex-military who now work in NI on 'normal' civvy type commercial work, they don't have a problem. Its actually a great part of the world.
  5. I would guess that its a very long time since a TV detector van visited many parts of the Province.

    They came to do our MSQs once and where f#cked off by the CO on the basis that for every house they checked on the Poleglass, they could check one of our MQs. Suffice to say they didn't bother coming back.
  6. Let's hope not. I can remember two of the above hanging around an estate in XMG in about '96 until a car blocked them in and a couple of nice men in balaclavas with AKs politely asked them to desist from their activities. The men went away, stopping only for a change of pants.

    I don't know if they have started going back in.
  7. Fred Cat's advice is spot on. People over there from trouble spots have a nose for strangers. You sit still in a car for too long in the wrong area and you'll get a hiding with baseball bats.
  8. Exactly what I had been thinking - people are more wary and 'take notice' a lot more than the average joe's around mainland UK.

    Yes - was thinking along those lines. Have not done that when working 'here' but thought that it would be advisable to do so over there. Will try to find the numbers for the local stations and let them know in advance, better safe than sorry.

    As to the TV inspectors - not sure if that's true or not, but it's the sort of thing am seeking to avoid. Although am sure those buggers deserved it.... TV licence fee, what a waste!
  9. Indeed - hence apart from my own common sense, thought would seek further opinions on here.

    Obviously dont want to post exactly where I will be, or what doing, or when - so it limits the practical input I can receive somewhat, but every little helps, as Tesco would say.
    Fully intend to as careful and pro-active, in a personal safety sense, as it is possible to be.
  10. I hope you like hospital food then.
  11. Some time ago there was an article in the local press about how DSS fraud inspectors had been spotted and 'dealt with' by the residents of an estate.

    I suspect the only TV inspectors are those who visit SF bases. I gather debt collectors are a fairly rare beast in some parts here too.

    Fred Cat is right though - it is a great place to live, especially outside Belfast.

    Edited to correct mongness
  12. it's not bad - apart from that Green jello stuff.....

    But hopefully wont come to that... will be as careful as possible and will inform the relevant police of things beforehand.

    other than that, it's in the lap of the gods. With the best will and precautions in the world there are no guarantees.
  13. Well it's not either of those things - though similar in some respects.

    Apart from common sense and being aware of surroundings and all that, will just have to 'roll the dice' and see how it goes.
  14. I hear the Royal Victoria are number 1 worldwide in knee injuries!!
  15. that's okay then - think I am wearing my own ones out through running, so can maybe get some new plastic inserts. :wink: