NOTES WITH WINGS - Launched on Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by James-ex Para, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    My name is James and i am a former Paratrooper (having served with 2 Para). Within my time with the Battalion i saw active service in Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and Macedonia.
    During my service i lost friends to both Iraq and Afghanistan and as such, since leaving have been concentrating on a website that can keep their memories dear (having noticed Facebook removes a lot of content once their page is memorialised).
    In the past conflict ha
    s always been measured in numbers and names, people say things like "that war was awful, X amount of people were lost". After loosing friends of my own to these conflicts during my service and privately, my aim is to change that, and put faces and personalities to those numbers so that future generations can look back and see what sort of men and women were prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice. I created a website where memorials can be created, and the actual Medals that each serviceman/servicewoman earned can be attached to their tribute, as well as Cap Badges, Union Flags and Poippies. My final goal is that every regiment/unit/ corps in the British and US Military (i served along side these guys in Iraq) has a memorial wall and has the tributes of all those who serve listed under them, not just numbers or names but a complete look at the sort of person they were.
    You can also create a: Service Regiment or Unit Memorial Walls can be created to link these servicemen and women together.
    My final aim is to be able to place bar-codes on all physical military memorial walls, that can be scanned with smart phones which will take you directly to their profile at NWW.
    This website has taken me almost 2 years to complete and has been created in my dinning room. Unfortunately, my end goal is quite ambitious (to link all fallen servicemen and women to their respective regimental memorial walls) and i dont have the money to advertise. I was hoping you would all please take the time to look at the website, and if you like it, please help spread the word.
    Also, id be more than happy to get any feedback you have for it. Whats missing? What can we do better? This cause is obviously very important to me, so its important that i get this right!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Best Regards

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    You need to fix your link as it doesn't work.
  3. Does if you copy & paste it.