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"Notes of a Sniper" - Anyone know where to find?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by CaptainSkinboat, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. I found out the other day that Vasily Zaytsev from the film "Enemy At The Gates" was actually a real bloke, and that he wrote an Account of the Battle of Stalingrad, which is called 'Notes of a Sniper'. but cant seem to get my hands on it.

    Anyone know where i might be able to get hold of a copy?

  2. Any ISBN number ?.
  3. I am in Hay on Wye for nearly two weeks. With further det's I may be able to assist.
  4. ISBN-10: 0615121489
    ISBN-13: 978-0615121482
  5. Fcuk me, just looked at the price. Why is it so expensive?

  6. yea, dont really fancy getting it from across the pond though.
  7. Wot is your price?.
  8. ermm 10, 15 perhaps. dont really want to pay more then a score.

    you think you could get hold of a copy?
  9. Yeah he was real fella, even the part were he used the glove on a stick to draw the enemy snipers fire was meant to have happened.

    I wouldn't be surprised if alot of it was made up though, the russians used chat bacon when it came propaganda.

  10. yea your not wrong there, alot of people rekon 'major Koning' didnt even exist.
  11. If a book exists, you'll find it there. Good shout Josey.
  12. Really?

    Next you'll be telling us that Carlos N Hathcock the second is real, too.

  13. jesus, wind your neck in would ya.

    thought the film was abit of fiction thats all, sorry if i dont know all of lifes great secrets.