Noteng(open) engagement


I rejoined the army earlier in the year after i was unsuccessful in getting a job in civillian street. I was put back onto my old contract of Noteng(open) and i was informed i will have to complete 3 years before i can leave.
I have served for a total of 17 years.

As i am on my old contract would i be able to PVR or sign off and complete the 12 months notice to join the police? or would the army possibly release me early if i found myself to be accepted by the police force?

Any constructive advise would be great.


It will be in terms of your papers that you were sent to say if you are time barred or not


War Hero
You are not on your old contract. You are on a new Noteng(open) with 17 years previous service.

Log on to JPA and view termination data - that will tell you everything you need to know. If you think it is wrong, you will need to contact JPAC as there is very little unit HR will be able to do to help you with a problem like that.

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