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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by the_beer_man, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Search didn't show anything obvious but I apologise if this has been asked before.

    For a Herrick tour what would be the better choice for photos, films and games? I'm not a tech buff so numbers and digits mean nothing to me. All I see so far is that notebooks are cheaper but I'm confident at putting things onto an iPod so would an iPad be better?

    Any help or piss taking welcome.
  2. If you get a notebook you must remember to factor in the extra costs.

    Like pens.
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  3. Snigger
  4. ipads a very cool toy. This is being written on one.
    but a decent laptop has a much bigger memory and is more flexible.
    plus its easier to add stuff and you have much more room on a Notebook
    you can get a fujitsu lifebook for 350 quid thats faster and has a 500 gig harddrive nearly enough porn for 6 months:)
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  5. If you want to drag stuff on and off an ipad you'll need a notebook. But you don't need an ipad to drag stuff on and off a Notebook. HDD memory on an ipad is max 32GB. HDD on a notebook 250GB +

    An ipad costs about £500, Notebook £200 or so. Which one are you going to be most upset about when it breaks?

    Dont get an ipad they are poseur's toys and you pay through the nose. Plenty of good Android tablets cost much less. Or consider one of these second hand - they flopped because HP marketing fucked up and pitched the price too high. The OS is excellent and it has the exact same screen as an ipad2 HP TouchPad 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Glossy Black 0886111287055 | eBay

    Ive got 2 32GB ones. This post is written on one of them. You can get a Notebook and a HP Touchpad for the price of an ipad.
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you ever considered you might be a sheep who seems to be addicted to being fleeced?? appropriate, really. ;)
  7. This is written on an ipad its a very cool thing ( won it in a prize draw)
    For £400 could get a decent laptop and a kindle ( you cant read the ipad display in daylight)
    I d put linux on the notebook just to annoy bill gates.
    Mac air is very nice but your paying for the mac name which may or maybe not.
  8. I'll put the fact that I have a Kia and a Vauxhall parked on the drive down to a fluke guess on your part. But how did you know I was "Them"?

    The cars give me 100,000 mile warranties and bags of toys. The most useful thing that came with the Merc I had as a company car was the phone number for AA Relay.

    WebOS has been made open source and is still being supported by HP. Recent upgrades were made. It offers a good basis for email, webbrowsing etc. Can do mp3 just as well as an ipad. Movie formats were a weakness but Apps are about that allow you to play most formats now.

    My poseurs comment was perhaps unnecessarily antagonistic but the HP Touchpad offer a very good tablet that you can dualbool with Android if you wish. I would rather risk a £200 Touchpad than a £500 ipad on a Herrick Tour

    Maybe I prefer to be us. I would want to drop the cheering clapping goons that stand outside Apple shops patronising Apple addicted mugs as they run in to handover their gelt for what is little more than a well marketed commodity product

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  9. I'm confused now. Are we saying you are a sheep or a goldfish? :)
  10. We made do with a copy of Fiesta and a Walkman in my day
  11. Considering the OP is focused on using it on Herrick I'd strongly advise on a notebook.

    Or a cheapish dell, a huge HD containing plenty if films & anything else you can store on to survive a tour, with the bank nice a blushing get a IPad when you return, agreed nice nice toy an iPad but unless your in an Ops room for 99% or similar then save your hard earned know it makes sense.
  12. Oh GOD, that is so tempting. However, must not crayon.
  13. I'm in Afghanistan and have been for over four years, as a civvy mind. I have a rather nice Quad Core HP Laptop, a PS3, an iPad2 32Gb & an android Dell Streak.

    *-I use the laptop for movies, Skype, Facebook, word processing, games & random internetting.
    *-I use the PS3 for - well games actually.
    *-I use the iPad for Facebook, skyping & spend far too much time on those intuitive Tower Defence games.
    *-I use the ANDROID Dell Streak for **** all, as it's a heap of shit. It's been sat sulking in my sock drawer doing ****-all for over a year now.

    Given a single choice, I'd go for a laptop with a decent amount of porn, films & TV series. Oh, stick a shitload of naff wee addictive games on it as well. The iPad only really comes into it's own when I'm travelling, as it's got WiFi, Kindle is installed, a few movies, the odd TV series on it & of course those horribly addictive Tower Defence games.

    I used to be anti-Apple, but now I'm a convert. My iPod 3GS is absolutely spot on, simple to use and just complex enough for me to think I'm a genius. My iPad is really, really nice; but still it's an unnecessary 'toy' (I've got the money so I bought it), When I travel, I still take my Laptop & my iPad. I've told my wife that if I start talking about Macbook Airs etc., she is to cancel my credit cards.....

    Go for the laptop mate and spend the next couple of weeks downloading filth & films onto it.

    Oh, most importantly, good luck out there & look after yourself.
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  14. I'd opt for for a pen over a pencil.
    With a pencil you need a pencil sharpener to, if you lose that your screwed.
    And if you drop the pencil too many times then all the lead in it will be broken and it'll be rendered useless.

    Only downside to the pen is you cant write upside down, but you can work around that.
  15. I have an IPOD touch thingy and the **** is constantly crashing (yes I have updated the twatting thing and no I haven't jailbroken it). One can only imagine the IPAD doing the same.

    With the IPAD/IPOD you are limited to what you can put on it (in terms of apps) unless you jailbreak it.....why would anyone want Apple telling them what they can have on their device? Oh wait....sheep. Plenty of excellent alternatives that give so much more and don't cost so much more.

    As has been said to the OP, get a notebook. More memory, much more versatile and you wont look like a ponce.