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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. i am a man of my promises but i guess i broke this 1 but i promise after the school holidays u will not hear from me until xmas because i shud be full cpl then hopefullyand like i said i will return full time then. While i have not being posting on these forums i have being to bisley for an international competition and last week i went to st martins plain where i earnt best 3 star in the company. But what is the best type of notebook holder to get? because whenever i get my notebook out my pens and orders,maps all come out with it and i end up chasing them down a hill then having to explain why i ran a mile off the training area.i had some more pics but couldnt attach so go to arrse gallery and search for 5.56mm and u will see some pics of me.
  2. Yay! Our favourite mascot is back!! :D :D :D
  3. im sure many of you object to my return but i would like to think there are some people who like me and when they turn on their computer and come on arrse and see my return there faces light up like little kiddies at christmas. This i will admit is a bone question but i look for solutions to problems but i have not found one to this problem so i called on your knowledge to help me and im sure any advice will help.
  4. 5.56,

    The following two rules are all you will ever need to know in life.

    1) Don't eat yellow snow.
    2) Never phone home when drunk.
  5. On the contrary, everyone will be glad to see you back fella! If only because you're very obviously a future Quartermaster General or Minister for Defence Procurement... :p
  6. Never phone ill friends at 0300 telling them what a cracking time out they're missing.
  7. Serious answer:

    The nirex A6 folder covers quite good, or you could be like me (which you probably don't want to) and put orders in a nirex folder in a map pocket in your trousers, put a map in a mapcase and put it in the left zip pocket of teh combat jacket and then put a waterproof notebook with a duct tape pocket on the front with pencils in it. Works for me.
  8. listen notepads go in your left pocket on your combat trouser well thats where they are ment to go but it is upto personal preference. What star level are you?

    p.s if you dont wear trousers you could always hold it in your ass crack :p
  9. Marine cadets, we don't have stars, I'm a corporal though, I don't know how that transfers into stars though, I think its three star. For notebooks: they go in combat jackets because you're not going to take them off when you need the notebook are you? It's also easier to find when you're looking for things. Maybe the reason that pens, orders etc is coming out your pocket when you get your notebook out is because theres too much in the pocket.
  10. Whereas you may feel the desire to remove your trousers during the advance to contact? Marines! :)
  11. We have female marine cadets too :twisted:
  12. no its cause i jam evreything in my pocket i did use to keep notepad in my jacket but then when we took it off we did have to take notes so i got told of for not having a notepad. your notepad shoould be on you at all times so keep in in your left map pocket on trouser
  13. Welcome back 5.56mm :)
  14. Or get two! One non-waterproof in shirt pocket for unit/camp then one waterproof one for in the jacket in the field. Then you'll always have one, or do ACF go to t-shirt order?