Note to self.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robert_Da_Hero, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Never stay off camp, drunk my chicks mums drink cabinet dry, failed to even poke the GF due interest in alcohol. now I face a 2 mile walk back, or just pertend i got run over. I feel like crying. Who ever said southerners were softys were lying. :p

    sorry i forgot to add im currently using said mums laptop, with ash and sticky drink patches compliments of Rob.
  2. Posting when pissed, it's for winners!

    If I where you mate I would 'pertend' to have been run over. You might need to break a few bones, get some bruising & 'gravel rash' is an absolute must.

    You might even get a lift back & a sympathy shag next time you see her.

    I've just looked at the time, it's 1000hrs here; it must be either 0630hrs-0730hrs where you are. You've plenty of time to tab it back into camp. Stop being a homo.
  3. Im willing to take the risk, and play in some gravel before i go back, its 6:40 right now, something tells me ill be doing enough tabbing tommorow afternoon, and yeah i meant pretend. You got a cure for spinning room?
  4. im trekking, wish me luck.
  5. Go with God my son ;)
  6. Yep, get yourself on a spinning bike. You'll no doubt lose all the contents of your stomach, but it's probably for the best.......
  7. Let us know how you got on.
  8. Never again, pretty sure my bowels made an appearance from my mouth today, expected I suppose when your still pissed at 7am, im sure i'll look back and laugh though. Maybe.
  9. I hope you just brazened the whole episode out. If your a woman you can claim that you dont remember anything from the night before and therefore carry on normal jogging.

    Snakes with tits the lot of them.............
  10. Remember what? :)
  11. Aaah. You are fast my Padawan learner..........Sorry I cant do the spelling or the daft voice!
  12. Lol its the thought that counts.