Note sure how to get a copy of my discharge papers

Im trying to join the army again, i first joined in 2008, but didnt make it through phase 1 , got back squaded for being slapped in the face by another recruit :), and then UFAS for immaturity , which was me just being a nob.

I've been into careers office 5 or 6 times in past few weeks...

At first they said , i would go on a 'look at life course' so i could be assessed before the interview , then a few weeks later they said i need my discharge papers so i can have an interview , to check if i could be accepted with conditions of my UFAS.

I told them that i'd lost/misplaced my discharge papers (not good) A recruitment office gave me a few numbers to call in glasgow , but they where adament i had to get the paper from my unit or the careers office, they said all they could supply was a Certificate of service, and the other two being a Testimonial and Discharge papers they couldn't supply.

Spoke with recruitment officer on phone , went into careers today , ended up speaking to another sgt which wasn't my careers advisor , he spoke with Sgt major , and NOW after checking some files on me they are putting me on a 'look at life' course again so i can be assessed before the interview...

But i asked just before i left , should i still try to get a hold of my discharge papers , and they said yeah they dont store files like that at the recruitment office so i would need to get a hold of em , but i've got no idea how i can get a copy of them from.

I never made it through phase 1 so i never went to regiment , so no idea who to call .

Does anyone know who i call ?

I've tried JPAC EC

(Not the best speller )

(I know im a ****** before you all tell me )
A certificate of service is what you need, just ask for what they have on you and take that into the ACIO and also remember that seeing your a Re-enlister the ACIO want to see what your like so do what they ask, put 100% in on the Insight as this will have a massive bearing on your 203 Special have to prove to them that it is worthwhile you getting a second chance.
cheers for replies guys , cant wait for the course , im gunna put as much effert in as i possibly can , i almost feel stupid asking for a second chance , but i'd rather feel stupid and get in than not feel stupid . cheers

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