Not Your Usual Smugglers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Sky News

    Brits, 82 And 62, Charged Over Cocaine Bust

    Two men aged 62 and 82 have been charged with attempting to smuggle cocaine into the UK via Gatwick Airport.

    British nationals Calvin Campbell, 62, of Gloucester Road in Tottenham and Donald Garwood, 82, of Circular Road in Tottenham were arrested by Border Force officers at the South terminal at around 10.30am on Thursday.

    They had arrived on a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and between them are suspected of trying to smuggle an estimated two kilos of cocaine, with a potential street value of around £200,000.

    The pair, who remain in Border Force custody, were charged with attempting to import a class A drug and are expected to appear before Uxbridge Magistrates.

    "Border Force officers at Gatwick are on constant alert to prevent illegal drugs and other contraband reaching the UK," said Border Force South Region deputy director David Holt.

    "Drug trafficking is a serious offence and those convicted face long prison sentences."

    Maybe they thought the wouldn't get caught because of their age
  2. I don't know why people assume the elderly don't use drugs it's not like they're a new invention. I'd a crack user in old peoples sheltered housing.
  3. I think the assumption is drug abusers should be dead or rehabilitated before they reach old-age.
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  4. Makes you wonder though, if they are suppliers/ dealers how long have they been popping back and forward with the gear? If just mules what motivation drove them at their ages to take a huge risk? Presumably the wage for the job would have either been a freebie holiday or a couple of grand each, not worth going down for a fair stretch...given that the perks in the nick are being restricted for newbies.
  5. Just glad it wasn't budgie smuggling- not a hobby for wrinklies!
  6. Well it is a win - win for them.
    If they get through they make a profit and live a life of Riley.
    If (as they maybe) found guilty they go to gaol and live a life of Riley*

    *compared to your standard struggling OAP
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  7. I was in Heathrow a few years back , a woman of at least 80 years old was in front of me at the shop , she purchased 6 or 7 packets of condoms! Later I was going through security and she came up and asked me where the Amsterdam flights departed , I dobbed her in to one of the MP5 brandishing Rozzers .
  8. F'kin right as well, you can't have hookers lounging around the Departure lounges touting for business ;-)
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  9. I used to do security in a city centre shop; we saw one of the plainclothes police outside with 3 in custody, by clever use of 2 pairs of handcuffs. Asked him if he wanted to use our security room but he said no thanks. One of the perps was a typical junky but the other two, male and female, looked quite prosperous-in their sixties. Asked him the next day what was going on. Seems the couple were retired teachers who wanted to make their lump sums go a bit further and had somehow managed to purchase a load of gear. First go, with the help of the junky, was very profitable so they were up for another transaction. Junky Boy makes the mistake of asking a drug dealer if he wants some gear, said dealer points out the plainer as a likely customer! Never did find out what sentence they got but it must have been custodial, since the old dears were carrying the stuff.
  10. Well the little old dears used to do a lot of smuggling to prisons, those clicky walksting sticks and right up Grans snatch were good hiding places. Babies also seem to like Heroin and crack so they keep in inside their nappies.
  11. it's actually quite common - when they get too old to do armed robberies theis is easier...............
  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

  13. Saw a UK cop show recently (Morse? Midsomer Murders?) where a wrinkly in a wheel chair was smuggling gear on a cricket tour.

  14. He couldn't have been very good as a fielder?
  15. Frost?