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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dave8307, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. I think that a large number of muslims vote Labour. A big clash between the police and muslims in central London would probably cause a stir and possibly wake up the population. A few lines in a newspaper will soon be forgotten.
  2. Cause for concern definately. Alarm may be a bit farther down the road. The good thing about publicising all of this, is that it adds to Labour's woes, and ensures that after the next general election, they will be left in the political wilderness for the decades to come thereafter. They have utterly wrecked this country. The fact that a peer can and would threaten such action certainly grabs your attention. Free speech? Thing of the past for non-muslims. I'm not prone to that sort of comment nor sentiment, but by f*ck we need to be taking a stand on this before it reaches a cause for alarm. This is a matter affecting our rights of freedom of speech and freedom of association never mind anyone else's. If they ban us from hearing what this man has to say, what else will they feel that they can dictate to us farther up the road. There are too many restrictiosn upon us now and our voice should also be heard. This decision needs to be openly debated not hidden. I hope that this isn't supressed. If this Peer can get away with this once, he'll do it againin the knowledge that he can do so with impunity. No f*cking wonder the Right Wing looks attractive. By consistantly appeasing the minorities, this Governement will drive voters to make rash, knee jerk decisions.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

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    Sad to say, just another example of the socialist state followinmg the original Soviet model.
  4. It may be that Jacqui Smith needs something to divert peoples attention from her.
  5. Quite agree Biscuits. A good recruiting advert for the BNP for many people. Not because the average person really supports the BNP but who is there to turn to?
  6. It wouldn't be an option if the other Parties, who are obviously aware of what is alleged to have happened actually stood up to be counted, rather than fear that they themselves may lose out on the Muslim vote. Any free thinking individual can see what suppressing this issue has the potential to do. The same free thinking individuals are no doubt present within the muslim religion. We cannot be forced on one hand to listen to the protests of the HAMAS supporters and be denied on the other, the 'protest' of a European politician. This not only denies him 'freedom of speech', it denies us access to 'freedom of speech'. I hope the Dutch make a big issue out of it and that the Danes do likewise. Both are often accused of being overly liberal, but we should be learning from them not hemming them in. If we were allowed access to all sides of the story, then we could make our own minds up and maybe, that may deny the far Right Wing any votes. As for the Peer who held the HoL to ransom, that just shows what cowards this Government are. He should be thrown out of the HoL. It's our second house, it's what keeps those loonies in Westminster in check. No member of either house should be holding the freedoms of this country to ransom.

    I'm surpised that the Daily Heil hasn't grabbed this one. It looks like good 'Brown bashing' material. In fact, it's a gift. I hope that it features on the box soon. It's the sort of stuff which Paxman was born for.
  7. Perhaps today we will be glad if there are some journalists looking at this site. They may have missed this elsewhere.
  8. Surely this contradicts EU legislation? The man is an elected member of Government in Holland. No matter what his views, he has a freedom of movement surely?
  9. Just found out that this bloke is quite a fascist and is facing trial for inciting hatred in the Netherlands. He's probably as bad as those he talks about in his video.
  10. When I last checked on our heritage, I was convinced that England is a Christian Country

    Muslim assembly row head resigns

    A Sheffield head teacher who resigned after complaints over her plan to scrap separate assemblies for Muslim pupils has called for a "constructive debate".

    Julia Robinson had wanted to hold one assembly for pupils of all faiths at Meersbrook Bank Primary School.

    Her replacement said the school did now hold one "daily act of worship".

    Mrs Robinson said she wanted the children to be given every opportunity to continue learning "in an inclusive and welcoming environment."

    Council leader Paul Scriven explained that the school had acted with the "best interests of all its pupils in mind". [Read More]

    Seems like Ms Smith will have to fudge another law change to suit the PC Brigade.

    So does that then also mean that when Christian kids get the Muslim, Judaism and Buddhist faiths forced upon them in Religious Education Lessons that they can stand up and leave the class ?

  11. I grew up in the 70's in Hounslow. Anyone who knows the area will appreciate that it's "ethnicaly diverse", even back then. We used to have school assembly every day and everyone attended - Muslims, Hindu's, that one with the little turban (sorry cant spell), and even the odd christian. All the teachers (from all faiths) attended as well

    No one mentioned racism
  12. Just heard something about this on BBC news.