Not wanted: white male police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. So what? This is not discrimination. Discrimination is only a factor is you are not a white male hetrosexual.
  2. So calleed positive discrimination, total bollox. As inf/mp allures to it should be called anti white male hetrosexual deiscrimination.
  3. Then surely it's discrimination all the same?

    Just 'spreading the word' dosen't mean I agree!
  4. This is a fine examole of political correctness gone mad. It strikes me that sifts by boards should be done without any knowledge of name, gender or ethnicity and should then appoint the best qualified people for the job.

    I expect that many organisations are now willing to accept shortages in their workforce or accept substandard employees/recruits in order to satisfy the pointless and meaningless targets set by downing street. Local govenrment from number 10!


    I shall now dismount my soapbox!
  5. I knew it! Just happened that I was a white male who applied last year to Avon & Somerset. Ok, I may have failed for other reasons, but it makes me mad to think that I seriously doubted myself after being rejected by the cops. Anyway, Army is a better option! Dad is a copper in Somerset, been one for almost 30 years, and he thinks the quality of recruitment is awful right now. Not really surpsing if they judge you on skin, sex and sexuality....
  6. Disgusting! makes you want to join the bnp party
  7. the police wont be happy till its full to the brim with foreign homo's
  8. Good to see no one is staying on the fence with this one then!
  9. Eh Nope! They are a complete embarresment to the British way of life. There are far better groups that have better values and approaches to all things British!!
  10. Also in the Times Online:,,2-1895364,00.html

    Lets see whether the CRE take action over this any further than creating hot air.
    I'm sure that they and all of the the red tops would be all over this like a rash if it was the other way round. :evil:
  11. My brother's been a Met copper for nearly 3 years and he had to wait 9 months for a place at Hendon from the time his application was approved (i.e. after the tests). His recruiter told him, in a "tell anyone I said this and I'll deny it" way that they were having to delay sending "a large number" of approved white males to Hendon as they desperately needed to push through female and ethnic minority candidates.
  12. Its recruitment policy states: “We will continue to provide positive action for people from under-represented groups including people from ethnic minority backgrounds, females . . . people who are transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual and people with a disability.”

    So, all you transgender, lesbian/gay disabled potential coppers are laughing really. now whre did I put that dress and wheelchair, I fancy a new job...
  13. Cheers for the link mate. :)

    Would never join the bnp party but what happen to every one being treated equally? :evil:
  14. Well I am sure they will only rename it to "positive action initiative". Perfectly legal and has exactly the same effect.