not very special duties

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Danny_Dravot, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. the int corps forum is very sensitive about this...does anyone have any int corps, not very special duty, pearlers?

    i'm intrigued....guaranteed if you post a thread on their forum it will either be:

    a. locked

    b. deleted

    c. you will face a barage of replies like...."we will not answer this here....speak to your adjt"

    now...i know that opsec is all important...but is anybody else of the opinion that the int corps are just a bit too secret...when in actual fact, we've all seen what they do in reality!

    uber walting it with thigh holsters,
    providing out of date briefings...
    speccy tw&t LCpls who...'could have been orrficers if they wanted?'
  2. The Green Fly in Lisburn was full of people who couldn't tell you what they did for a living.

    (Strangely bespectacled people dressed in Barbours)
  3. You ain't seen me....right?
  4. i can imagine...i've met more than a few...invariably, its the Lance-Jack in charge of sy-ops for photocopiers big-timing it, big time!
  5. I was on a "notional" paper exercise in a "notional" scenario, within a "notional" bunker. Those tools still had hessian up, protecting themselves from prying eyes....
  6. :lol: Well I would never had guessed...
  7. Nearly everyone you meet in the Int Corps will "large it up" on how secretive their job is, however the vast majority of them are little more than AGC(SPS) clerks. Yes some do important work and some carry it out at great risk to themselves, however that is a role of a tiny minority within the Int Corps! Why else do the SD personnel get recruited for tours from other Arms and Services; because the Int guys are too comfortable at their light table w@nking over satellite imagery :D

    They even get a "bag on" about their Corps journal being sold on ebay; why produce the piece of unclassified tat in the first place if you do not want anyone else to read it, honestly :roll:
  8. watch out Renovatio...this place is crawling with slime...i got kicked out of their'll be a marked man now too...i too chuckled about their corps rag on ebay!

    i think a lot of they are TAs...judging by their walted up responses
  9. ... wasn't the idiotic doris who left her weapon in a Sainsburys toilet in Cambridge a Capt in the Int Corp?
  10. yes...but it wasn't in cambridge...i think she'd been to cambridge!
  11. there are plenty of guys in my trade who heve transfered over from the int corps. One in particular suggested that his previous corps was full of big time wanabees who walt it round, when really all they do is check fences for holes
  12. Bunch of big timing walts. Even the ones at Hereford don't prepare any briefings...they spend their whole time cutting out newpaper articles that mention the SAS!
  13. I am quite astounded at how small minded some people on this site. Why do you think that you aren't told something?? Because you don't need to know it perhaps...?? 99% of the jobs that the Corps do are not a secret. How they go about them might be, as might where they their information from. Don't slag off something that you appear to know the square root of fcuk all bout!

    Some people in the Corps can big up their jobs. Don't generalise though. Some people may have dropped odd clanger and left a weapon in Hitchin Sainsburys. I'm sure it isn't the first and I'm pretty sure it won't the last time that the Corps gets a bit of adverse publicity. But how many other cap badges haven't fcuked up long the way?? Not many I would guess.

    If you want to look on this as a bite, please feel free!
  14. brilliant!
  15. 4 left