Not Very Quick! (Qualification confusion)

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by bikermouse, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Hmmm... confussed!

    Anyone help me out on this one?

    Following the news that all SSgts/WO2 now qualify for GCGI (until recently only available to WO2, with LCGI for SSgt). Can anyone unravel the following:

    1. GCGI, according to C&G website, is arredited at Level 6 National Qualification Framework (NQF).

    2. WO CLM Qual, gives you (with additional work) Level 5 NQF (S/NVQ Level 4).

    The above basically means that a bog standard SSgt can be more "accredited" than a Post CLM WO opting for the highest management accreditation that WO CLM brings (Diploma through CMI: Chartered Management Institute).

    Surely this is an oversight??

    Is it worth splashing the £80 for Level 6 over Level 5? CLM Diploma (after SLC) = £24.44.

    Any help greatly appreciated........

    Trust me .... I need as much help as i can get !!!!!!!!!
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    tossor, how can you call one of your fellow seniors a bog standard SSgt, he can perhaps spell better than you can :x
  3. Cause i happen to love bogs ?!

    true I cant spell very well.... but GSCE's were not up for sale by HQ DETS (A) last time i checked!

    spellcheck anyone?

    anyway... back to the question/answer please anybod(y)?!?
  4. There is a way of being accredited for management and leadership through C&G by DETS(A) in Upavon for experience gained along the way. You send them a CV and a cheque for whatever the price is (£80 for SSgt/WO2 - less for Sgt and more for WO1 - unsure of cost) along with the paperwork sent by them (or through your chief clerk/AEC) and a few weeks later a nice little certificate turns up by post. On offer is:

    Foundation for Sgts
    Graduateship for SSgt/WO2
    Licentiaship for WO1

    Phone 94344 8732
  5. SSgt 2 years in rank or WO2 get GCGI
    WO1 2 years in rank get MCGI

    You all seem to miss the point that you can never have too many strings to your BOW! and if you are worried that any SSgt can get it and you now a new sproggy WO2 CLM trained only gets the same and gets NVQ level 5 Diploma in management then don,t pay the money, however you don,t get Diploma afetr your name as with GCGI!
  6. Fair play,

    GCGI post nominals does have a ring to it.

    And 80 bucks won't break the bank I guess.

    Next post: MBE cash for honours....any takers??? (Lords need not enquire).
  7. Just got mine. Looking at website, you dont 'just' get it. You have to submit evidence to substantiate your skillbase etc, so anyone you call 'bog standard' will have to prove their ability. CGI and your sponsor will thoroughly check the info you supply.

    a bitter and twisted soldier. GCGI M.I.Diag.E
  8. I find this somewhat amusing, what job do you think you are going to get in civvi st producing these quals??
  9. Probably none, but it will look good on my headstone. On a serious note, at least all of my military qualifications are recognized and I am aware that a lot of civ companies now look at quals like this. Also, I am considering doing a course at uni and the GCGI should give me 50% of the points that I need. That means a year less at uni and a year less damage to my liver, not that life in the mess has done it any good.
  10. Last minute resettlement by any chance? :D

    :oops: Day one, week one that Dave........ :roll: :wink:
  11. If you really want qualifications that will stand a chance in civ div then do a degree or at least a diploma (open uni for instance).... SLC and ELC will pay for most of it and give you a civvy qualification for CIVVY Street.... trust me - army quals are often not worth jack shi t out there - tried it done it and off I went
  12. Ah well.... I've written off and applied for it anyway!

    All of the above comments are true enough, I think an MBA is the way ahead. This GCGI qual may help towards that, but probs not.

    Having IEng also counts for CAT points according to Open Uni. So will have a jump start there also.

    Along the resettlement issue... nope I'm not leaving yet..... just planning!

    And just something to chew over..... A senior HR Manager at a very big company in UK is asking me how the Army accredits its soldiers presently. With a view to doing the same for its employees.

    Maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

    Anyone currently doing a bussiness MBA out there???? :?
  13. The real test is to ask yourself if you could actually do what an employer would expect you to be able to do with these letters (post nominals) after your name. For example GCGI indicates that you work at graduate level, claim it in terms of management and great; I think we would find it hard to deny a SNCO/WO could eat a management position but then again blag your way (or just pay the money) through to getting the same post nominals in finance or as an engineer etc and could you actually do the job?

    IEng may count for CAT points but how do you get to IEng? You need to be able to do the job in the first place!!!!
  14. IEng.... yup. Got that already :)

    Fair points though. The bottom line is... have I got the minerals.
  15. A word from the wize...Civvy street you really need civvy qualifications......if you have just Mil's a question of who you know and not what you know! I came out with civvy quals.....and have seen top class guys comming out with top class military quals....only to end up pushing a broom!!!!!