Not the average "laser eye surgery" question


I have just been for a consultation with one of the larger groups who perform eye surgery, and have been told that my cornea is too thick to have standard surgery.

It has been said that if i was to correct my vision i would need "In-eye lens replacement" which consists of having a small incision in the top of my cornea and a plastic lens inserted.

Completely replaceable and reversible, apparently.

Now i know that standard surgery requires you to be downgraded and observed for 6 months, are there more severe implications if i was to have this method of surgery? (Other than, "'kin hell that hurt my wallet!")

I am sorry if this has been covered before, but i couldn't find a reference to this method of treatment, and the Laser people were not able to advise me better.

I'd advise going to another company and getting a second opinion first. I went to Optical express and they wouldn't perform the surgery due to medication I had taken... went to Ultralase and they said they'd do it no probs.
who did you go to?
ooo I dunno!!?? Best check with the army as they can be funny with incisional procedures! If its totall reversable though they surely can't complain.
Get referral via RMO to service ophthalmologist. A couple of them are doing a ot of laser stuff themselves and they also write the JSP - you won't end up with a bionic eye and med discharge if you do it that way. (unfortunately even reversible incisional procedures are a problem)

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