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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gnrsmith2010, May 24, 2010.

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  1. I've just read about the new Government doubling the special allowance paid for being on operations. Does it (and LSA) apply to mobilised TA soldiers ? Before you all slag me off for asking bone questions hear me out. (And before anyone suggests going to ask somewhere else, my PSI is as thick as two short planks and no help and the PSAO is never around - always playing golf....I thought the collective wisdom of fellow TA arrsers might help.)

    I am being mobilised.

    My civilian pay is greater than my pay in my military rank. So I know that I will get my pay when mobilised topped up to equal my civilian pay.

    Will the 'operational bonus' and LSA be on top of that, or will getting them be factored into the calculation at Chillwell so I will only get that amount of the operational bonus and LSA that when added to my pay in rank is in excess of what I will get paid to top up my pay to the civilian level.

    To put it another way:


    A = amount I am paid as a civvy
    B = amount I would be paid in rank
    C = operational bonus (or whatever it's called) plus LSA

    On mobilisation, will I get paid

    A + C


    B + C, plus any additional to make it up to A if (B+C)<A


    B + C, and that's your lot, if (B+C)>A ?

    Anyone know ?

    Of course, I could always phone Chilwell, but then the answers wouldn't be up here for all to read. And it's not a trivial question. Six months worth of the operational allowance, plus LSA is a tidy sum.

    Thanks in advance for [constructive] answers.
  2. You will find that if you take all the documents requested on your mobilisation pack (you will recive it by post) then you will recive the difference between your civvi pay and your military pay. The op bonus is something seperate and is not calculated in your pay. You get that at the end of your tour depending on how swiched on your reg unit is at processing it. LSA is paid for every day in theater and has about 24 increments starting at about £6 odd and going up after a set number of days. Op bonus is calculated in the same way.

    All should be explained by your ROSO and if you want youm could phone Saber.

    LSA and Op Bonus are not taken into account when calculating pay at Chilwell and yes you get them as a mobilised TA soldier.
  3. Cheers ! Thanks for the reply. :D Not that any of us really do it for the money - but added all together this could make quite a big difference to me, especially since I've already racked up a fair bit of LSA.
  4. Belive me I do it for the money.

    Just make sure any LSA days are carried over from your TA payslip to your regular one otherwise you will start on level 1 again and it is a lot of money not to be getting per day,
  5. This isn't always the case, shed-loads of of reservists are not in receipt of the joining instructions for RTMC. If they are not with you three weeks of your expected mobilisation date; phone your unit and RTMC and get some sorted - it makes things a lot easier when you get to Chilwell.
  6. If you havnt recived mobilisation paperwork then you havnt been mobilised. This can be for a number of reasons i.e not signing the waver for more than the regulated amount of time mobilised. (probably not explaining this too well.... that stella is a bastard). agree if you are expecting to be mobilised then phone RTMC or get your unit to phone Glasgow, the problems more likly to be there.
    Im talking about the mobilisation pack from Glasgow not the poxy JI's that RTMC send out (if your lucky)
  7. Had a few people that hadn't received either of the above mentioned paperwork before arriving at RTMC, one got his on day one the others on the second week. Just because you haven't got you paperwork doesn't necessarily mean you haven't been mobilised.

    One lad cut short his holiday abroad after he was phoned up and asked why he wasn't at RTMC, he explained that he phoned his unit and they said he wasn't due mobilisation for a while and he had not had any paperwork through. He was told that the Mob pack from Glasgow was delayed and would be available at RTMC but he should of had his joining instructions from RTMC; they were also handed to him at RTMC. :)
  8. If you have not recived the mobilisation pack, then tecnically you havny been mobilised. No discaplinary could be taken against you esp as glasgow admits paperwork delayed. But to be fair we all know weeks/months in advance what our mob date is and as you rightly say you should be on the phone to RTMC/Glasgow demanding it. An employer would require at least 5 days to be able to put in an appeal.
  9. For the OP, I was told by someone that I will receieve a full briefing on allowances & pay in a death by PowerPoint session either at RTMC or OPTAG. Luckily my regt are quite switched on, so have had the majority of it already & what has been said above is true. You get your Civi Pay plus bonuses & allowances.
  10. I got paid my civi wadge (because its higher than my army basic) plus the army bonuses
  11. If its 3 Cdo bde running the show then dont expect any paperwork of any kind until day 2 of Chilwell