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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by MrandMrs, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone. New to the site so I'm not sure if I am writting in the right place..

    I am being medically discharged and have een on terminal leave for over 11 months!! Long story about batallion literally forgetting me!!.. Let not get into that right now, but here's my problem...

    At my med board, they gave me my transition to civilian life pack etc.. And an appendix 12 and appendix 10...

    I have been advised that I am meant to also have appendix 9 and 22.. I dont have this?!
    Also, I have rung about my pension, and they have advised that I need to know my 'tier'.. I dont know this either..

    I have my discharge date and all other paper work. My appendix 12, is supposed to say my tier apparently, but this form, suprise suprise, is not complete!! I can see where it is meant to be, but it is not there!!!

    What on earth am I meant to do?

    People that are supposed to be supporting me in battalion are just passing the buck!!

    Any advice would be great, so sorry to waffle!

  2. PM returned.
  3. Appendix 9 (form for notifying Medical/Functional restrictions to unit) - No reason for you to have this apart from openness & clarity of proceedings.

    Appendix 22 (application for reallocation or discharge of a soldier medically unfit for employment within current Arm or Service) - same applies.

    Who did you ring about your pension or are you talking about your Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) payout? If you are talking about the AFCS payout then they are correct and you will need to know what Tier your injury(s) equate to. You can get a pension forecast by writing to SPVA, AFPS, MP 480, Kentigern House, Glasgow G2 8EX.

    Whoever told you that your Appendix 12 informs you what your Tier is knows less than bugger all and should be given a job in the stables!

    If you've been off work for 11 months, how many unit visits (WISMIS) have you had? They are your opportunity to ask these questions and get answers.
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  4. Bugger, just seen Her Majesty has been in touch as I've been typing! I must learn to type quicker!
  5. I'm just phone number girl and typist, you've got more knowledge than me!
  6. WISMIS is the new(ish) SAM system. I am sure Snail has given you loads of useful info, however you really need to get into the Welfare Officers intray. Try contacting the Army Welfare Service or indeed pointing out that you aren't getting your welfare visits etc to your GP/RMO who can then actively engage with your unit. Its also pretty handy having it written in to your med documents that you haven't been looked after as per regulations for close to a year now.

    If no one seems to give a damn and you aren't getting any joy, then you can put it all in writing put in a Service Complaint. CO's always seem to start sparking when they have a Brigadier breathing down their neck! If you search this AFPS thread you will find a few threads with phone numbers and addresses for putting in complaints.

    Above all, your not alone out there, keep your chin up and good luck
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  7. I've sent them another PM.

    I can't bloody find a copy of it though which is a shame, because it was quite useful.

    This is what happens when you get distracted by drunken "fella" phone calls.
  8. If you are still reading, can you reply to my PM and quote it back to me please?
  9. See my PM.
  10. I'm also on the case, but you are the SME, so I'll get back in my box.
  11. Hi all I only went into the WISMIS system just about 3 weeks ago..
    They literally lost me!
    The lack of communication is unbelievable. I've had 1 welfare visit and having 1 today.
    My wife phone the med cell with the number snail gave and FINALLY got my tier!
    After arguing that they did infact know it.
    And we have an outline to how much I'm entitled to..
    Now just the small matter of the dodgy doctor (that I've never met) that falsified my records in November saying I'm fit for full duties!!
    I havnt even seen a doc Sind my med board in July!!! It's a joke!! Can't wait to get this finished and get on with my life!!
    Thanks for your help every1!!

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