Not sure who to vote for?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eve1962, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. FECK I am meant to vote Green? (Tory Wet/Liberal perhaps?!)

    -22 Lab
    -11 Con
    -8 UKIP

    25 Lib
    26 Green
  2. I always knew I was a closet Lib Dem...
  3. UKIP I go
  4. Good choice! These morons sometimes are called as 'looters of Tory votes' but without Kilroy-Silk it will be a hard task.
  5. Hello there sailor! :twisted:
  6. Green +9
    Con +6
    Labour -13


    Would vote green but dont agree vis Fox hunting and war in iraq,

    wether we should or shouldnt on grounds of WMD, we did, and now we need to see it through to a close and rest easy in the fact that one more DICKtator is banged up.

    Cons for me chaps.

  7. Excellent website. The only downside is that it oversimplifies the issues. Great for clueless people who don't really follow politics. Labour party is my party apparently.
  8. Do you want some soap with that sir? :twisted:
  9. :) ok.

  10. Hang the bar-stewards!

    Lab -12
    Tory +49
    Lib -35
    UKIP +31
    Greens +8

    Don't know how I got +8 for the bunny-lovers!
  11. How the feck did you get that? I deliberately chose strongly agree/disagree for all the ones i knew where toy/labour policies and yet still come out as a UKIPper over the tories. I think the questions are loaded towards european issues!
  12. Well that confirms it, I shall be voting LibDem (again) :roll:

    And YES, I do eat muesli, cous-cous, organic meat/fruit/veg, drink real ale, holiday in Tibet, and indulge in Tantric sex!

    But I do NOT drive a 2CV6! :wink:
  13. Bollox, bloody UKIP, there'll be plenty of us with this, but guarentted that we wont do it when we get in the booth, here i come conservatives,.

    Release the Hounds, we're all off hunting!!!
  14. RTFQ


    UKIP for me too. proves nothing other than that bunch of reactionary amateurs know how to speak to an outraged nation. I still wouldn't follow any of them to the toilet if I had amoebic dissentry however. I'm voting for martial law first, tories second. I also reserve the right to hate that bunch of sleazy, self-serving misfits after 6 months as well. Hopefully by then Tom, dick or harry will be ready and I'll be dying my smock blue and turning it into a nice gentlemans travelling coat prior to the 'off'.