Not sure which Corps. to join!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by HardMan_wannabe, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. Hi again. I've posted similar messages on the Inf. and Gunners boards. Basically i'm gonna join up but can't choose between the RA, RAC and Inf. So what's the life like, what are the lads like, what jobs are best etc. PS please dont direct me to any army sites i've read em all in great detail! (Sad i know!) :oops: Cheers boys.
  2. Some of the Inf are a great bunch of lads, but beware joining the gunners, they get very twitchy and upset about their lanyard.
  3. I have served with both the RAC and Infantry, and wholeheartedly reccommend the Cavalry. The infantry is okay if you like people who shout and you have relatives in Northern Ireland, as you will probably see a lot of them!

    The Cavalry are far more civilised (although most of them don't realise it as they have never served at infantry units).

    I can't speak fior the RA, but they are generally considered to be not the brightest lamps on the street'.

    Hope that help!

  4. Like Mutineer, i have served in both Cav & Inf.

    I recommend the Cav. It is an Arms organisation, rich with tradition and working in a vehicle crew is a good way to work. Frankly, nothing beats working with armoured vehicles. Another thing, Cav Officers pounce about like eccentric peacocks and therefore you can get away with almost anything by saying " Squadron Leader tasked us Sir", as you whizz around with a crate of champs and topless totty in a late model sports car! ( see any thread that mentions KRH :wink: )

    Having said that, the Inf also have Warrior in some roles ( but you have to be there at the right time).

    Inf, for my vote, comes a close second. Nothing quite like working in an Inf section.

    Avoid the scaleys (signals) at all costs, unless you look like a character from Wayne's World, are a virgin, wear black Megadeath t-shirts at all opportunities, play Dungeons and Dragons most of your spare time under the pseoudonym of "Lord of the Underworld", are a bit wheezy and capable of drinking 10 brews per hour. Blandford - says it all really.

    Don't know much about the RA, in fact no one does, not even them.
  5. Hmm, sports cars. Totty. Drinking.

    Looks like the Cav for me then.
  6. What are the names of all the Cav regs? I know H Cav but thats about the extent of my knowledge. What are the entry requirements ie. are they higher than normal armoured units?
  7. Are you joining as an Officer or as a soldier?
  8. Think you may want to look at those army sites again big man! If your going in as a soldier then look up your local unit
  9. I agree with Jash - go to the Cav sites and follow the links.

    If you are in the North, try SCOTS DG (CR2) or Light Dragoons ( Recce) - both good units in my opinion.

    The is no such thing as a "normal" armoured unit :lol: [/quote]
  10. The problem is it dont make it clear where they recruit from and if they are a cav unit. I am from evesham in worcester and wanna join as a soldier. Also i lied :twisted: Didnt really read up on the cav as ive never wanted to join em b4 now!
  11. The problem is it dont make it clear where they recruit from and if they are a cav unit. I am from evesham in worcester and wanna join as a soldier. Also i lied :twisted: Didnt really read up on the cav as ive never wanted to join em b4 now!
  12. Have a chat with the QRL or QRH - they both recruit from around there. Both crew CR2, which is by far the most fun you can have at work.
  13. I went on TELIC with a CR2 squadron initially, before being moved north to Warrior companies and then 16 Bde.

    CR2 is absolutely fab, as is the Cav generally. Top lads, great officers, who let their blokes get on with it (presumably so the officers can meet married WOs etc)

    Inf are good news, but the point above about 'the right place at the right time' is perfectly sound. Some units (Paras) go everywhere (recently), but there are some dark horse Inf units that always seem to get good jobs (RRF for example).

    As to Arms/Corps...they clearly specialise, and unless you know what you want from the Army, this could lead to a drama. I'm a Gunner, but I have specialised very heavily in one area for years, and all my time has been as part of an All Arms organisation (Cav and Inf), but unless standing around the back of guns flicks your switch...don't!

    You could do worse than the Royal Engineers, which goes 'everywhere' and teaches you a trade to boot? Int Corps can be rewarding, but it is full of walts. RMP also do the 'worldwide' thing, but be careful - the job attracts some very odd people.

    Outside Combat/Combat Support, it's all a bit of a lottery, and becomes increasingly specialised, and rear based!

    Get down to your local AFCO, grab all the literature you can, and go with your instincts. Don't be bullied by the aging nut into going this way or that - you will spend a minimum of 3 years in that badge (potentially) so get it right first time.

    Good luck! :D

    And yes - a Gunner did just compliment the Sappers!

  14. How dare you Sir! Say that again and I'll shoot you with my Walther PPK.

    Now, time for a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred...
  15. im in recce and its ace but aac has got to be the future get a degree and fly (if theres anyone to train you!) apache 8)