Not sure where to put this, good mil kit.

As stated please move, did a search but not found.

Good bits of “Mil” kit.

these to me are up there .

Canadian Military postal bags.

Made of some sort of super plastic, either gold or silver in colour. Last for years with heavy use.

This one is at least 10 yers old, been using it for tree and grass cuttings.



War Hero
Are we talking about mil kit re-purposed for civvy use? If so, this is my contribution. Remember those crap dark green plastic webbing working belts? Well, this is the Commie (DDR) version.
Flexible, washable and comfortable. I suspect it has a high nylon content, but nowhere near as much as that horrible plastic abomination we had to wear.
Locally, you can pick them up for 2 to 3 Euros. A hard working belt for a hard working man. Grrr...


War Hero
Just what I need.
Next time you are shopping,I'll have two please


War Hero
two belts please
Ah. Now I understand. I'll have a rummage tomorrow (been drinking). It's possible I may have two spare.
Right, now for the delicate question. What girth must they encompass? Be honest. PM is ok.

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