Not sure what to believe anymore.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lucky21, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Afternoon, guaranteed to get alot of stick for this but....

    I put in my application 2 years ago to join the RMP, and recieved a conditional pass at selection last April, as I was a fatty and had to lose just over a kilo.

    I lost the weight within 2months and had the paperwork sent back in. I was then told by my recruiter at my afco to wait for a start date.

    I was told initially that I would start in Sept, and then subsequently Nov, Jan13 and finally March13.

    Having got to March and not heard anything, I called my afco and was told my recruiter had left. I was then told that capita were taking over the process and to wait and hear from them.

    After a few months of chasing capita up I was finally told who my CSM was in June of this year. When I was finally able to get hold of him, I was told that realistically I had no chance of RMP as I had only scored a high B on selection. My 2nd and 3rd choices being Military Intelligence and Dog handler.

    My CSM told me that the quickest route was to go dog handler as it would have me starting phase one this year. And that I should wait for him to get back to me. After a month of hearing nothing, I got back in touch with him and was told that there were no places for dog handlers. And so he said he would try to get me on track for Int corps as they have an intake in October of this year. And that he would call me back within a week or two.

    After not hearing back from him and not having any of my calls replied to, I was able to speak to a colleague of his on Monday. He told me that my medical had run out but he would try and that and a specialist interview for Int corps arranged for me. And to call them today.

    Having called them today, I have been told that a different CSM would now be dealing with my application. She isnt happy with how my app has been handled and wants to get a job position assigned to me asap.

    Throughout the whole process I have been asking various advisors/recruiters, whether I should look at an infantry or recce crewman role. They have all advised me against it saying that because I have fairly decent gcse/a level results etc, that I would be unsuitable and wasting myself.

    My new csm that I have spoken to today now wants me to look at the job of engineer logistic specialist as a troop commander? She read me a very long job blurb that I have been unable to find again on the army website and google and seemed to think it would be perfect for me. She was also asking me to look at clerk roles.

    I have no interest in paper shuffling and have always wanted a more physical role. My original job choices were also chosen because of the opportunity to serve in a combat role. I appreciate that with every job in the army you are a soldier first and foremost, but obviously some are realistically more so.

    I guess my question is, does anybody have any experience in the aforementioned roles? And is it realistic to suggest that I wouldnt enjoy/would be wasted in a teeth arm role, purely because I did relatively well at school and college?

    No doubt people will tell me I need to make my own decisions on job choices and I will. But ive become slightly disillusioned after being told so many different things for so long. I've always wanted to join the Army but ive always been pushed into looking for a trade of some sort.

    Any info or opinions would be appreciated, cheers.

    (Apologies for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. This has all been done on a phone.)
  2. Is this a officer job as you cannot be a troop commander unless your a rodney i dont think, certainly not straight after training.

    Anyhow i would take this further and put a formal complaint into Recruiting group as this is well shoddy and no way how it should work.

    Just my opinion though.
  3. Not an officer job, I dont have a degree and was advised that my grades alone weren't enough for Sandhurst.

    That was one of the things I was confused about. I plan on putting a complaint in.
  4. Because your IDST score was not very good it was always going to be a case of waiting to see if you were lucky enough to be high enough on the awaiting allocations list to be given a start date. To be honest if I had been your Recruiter I would of advised you to look at different options as not many B grades will get RMP or INT Corp....a lot does go on INT selection though if they allow you on with a B grade.

    Your medical only lasts for a year from ADSC but your pass for two if allocated a phase 1place between the 12 to 24 month point you need to rearrattend ADSC for a one day PER for a medical and fitness assessment.

    Regarding your job you mentioned ...if it's 'RE logistic specialist then it's a storeman in the Engineers.

    Saying you don't like paperwork you want to be pleased you didn't get your first two preferences as you would of been doing plenty.
  5. On what grounds....that your grade and IDST scores were not good enough to get into your job preferences?

    So anyone who fails to get a job in civvy street because they weren't good enough should complain as well.

    Just because you pass at ADSC/AC doesn't mean you will get a job....just like any job application it's part of the process and those with better scores go above you.
  6. On the grounds that for over a year I was given misinformation, in that I just had to wait for a start date for my 1st choice job on selection. Had I just been told that my score wasnt high enough after selection, I could have looked at other options. As it was I was told time and time again that all was well and that I just had to be patient and await a start date.

    Having worked as a special constable im aware of the level of paperwork involved in police work. But its not the sole purpose of your job and is matched with reasonable amounts of fieldwork.
  7. You were told to wait out to give you a chance of getting a place....probably because of your civvy body knows how many other potential monkeys would go down to ADSC and get a higher score than you. Your recruiter was giving you a chance of sticking in there and seeing if your score would get you a place. Every time an intake was filled with A grades you would of moved towards the top of the awaiting allocations list and had a chance of been loaded onto the next intake but the more A grades and higher B grades that passed afterwards pushed you back only one person at fault and that was you not doing well enough at ADSC.
    If your Recruiter had said change job at the start and you then found someone with a lower score got allocated months later you wouldn't of been happy.....

    So once again what is your complaint about as I can't see your Recruiter did anything wrong.....
  8. I possibly didnt make my self clear in the original post. My initial afco recruiter told me my score had got me a place, and that I was literally just awaiting a start date for phase one.

    It was after he left in march that I was told I hadnt been allocated a place.

    So for a year I believed that I had the job and was just waiting to go, when I could have been looking for another role.
  9. If you wish to complain, e-mail here:

    Be warned though, don't expect an actual response in 7 working days as they state in the acknowledgement e-mail.

    Posted from the confused powers that be
  10. I don't know what's more incredible, being given a conditional pass for being a mere kilo overweight or taking 2 months to lose 2 pounds.

    I read more of the latter part of your post & saw "infantry", "combat", "physical" and "teeth arm" references. Why not just take a more direct route to enlistment & go infantry. You could always transfer later on in your career (we have a RMP attached to our platoon for tour who was originally Royal Anglians so it is possible).

    "Acquiring a trade" sounds pragmatic on paper & sound strategy but securing an "immediate" steady monthly income trumps that for me personally.
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  11. All joking aside, not all grunts are stupid. In fact, most grunts are fairly intelligent, even though the field in most armies will habe the lowest entry requirements.

    Given your scores were not the highest, I am certain you will find plenty of intellectual challenge if you apply yourself. But you will also have to meet the physical challenge.

    I don't see you being honest with yourself or being very focused on self improvement.

    Time to look in the mirror. Do you want to be a soldier, or are you looking for something to carry you that won't take much effort?

    You won't lijekly find the latter in any military job, even though we all kid each other about how easy the others have it.

    You've had plenty of time to continue on with school while waiting to hear back... did you just sit on your arse while waiting?

    Have you done any self improvement or phys to make yourself a better recruit?

    If you have been working on yourself, and you do want a challenge, then go Infantry.

    If not stay home.
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  12. No ive not sat on my arse, ive been working full time throughout the application process.

    In regards to self improvement, I have been much more focused on my phys since selection. Since putting in my initial application I have lost over 3stone and started boxing in order to get fitter, and to keep getting fitter.

    Whichever job I go for im going to be taking at least a 5k a year paycut for the first few years, and im happy to do that for the career that I want.

    What I still dont understand is why im actively discouraged from going to a teeth arm purely because i have A levels.
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I have known number of Regular Infantrymen in the Ranks who have A Levels, as well as a few that have degrees. It's not as uncommon as people on here would have you believe. If you want to join the Infantry and you are eligible, then it's entirely your decision to make.
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  14. 21st century Gentleman Rankers.
  15. OP, I went Inf to start and enjoyed it immensly...then got bored and wandered off to other areas. Transfer is not impossible after a few years. That said, those trucks the Recce mob use look awfully fun and Id be tempted to be a sprog there if I was going teeth arms. It does sound as if you have been dicked around a bit - push for what you want and good luck.
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