Not sure what she wants

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ECE-Tech, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Last couple of days, I have been getting back from work and have been greeted by the wife with comments such as.

    "Your computer is switched on ready for you, Massa !"

    "Here are your slippers, Massa !"

    "Here is a beer, Massa !"








    Tonight it got to be too much!.



    "Stop calling me Massa! I wouldn´t be seen dead driving a sodding Ferrari!"
  2. Snap!

    I would not be seen dead in your wife, frodo baggins looking fish head.
  3. Apart from your post increasing your post count by one, does it achieve anything else ?

  4. Who cares?
  5. Not at all, but thank you for the chance to add another one to my fine count.

  6. Why do you use the Username target stop but sign your posts as Throbber ????

    And you are still a wanker in my opinion!!!! You have no idea who I am or who who my wife is.
    If your comment had been remotely amusing, I would have been laughing with you.

    Instead please change your username to match the signature ie "Throbber"

  7. Man up wet pants
  8. Yes i am sure you were the second man on the balcony, Kudos. Give your vagina a wipe down. Give that giant heed of yours a wobble and trot back off into your cave. It is a bit of banter, you posted in the Naafi.
  9. Certainly none of yours have been.

  10. My bold.
    We don't care either.

  11. Nope, that wasn´t me but like most of us here I have met a few walts claiming to have been that person.


    I know what to expect in Naafi bars, Sqn, Bty, Coy, LAD bars. 22 years experience of it.

    Your pathetic attempt at "banter" comes nowhere close to the real life.

    F**k off, you throbber

  12. I bet you were "Top Student" in all of your courses in your 22 years.
  13. Whoopty fucking doo
  14. This is going well.

    I have just discovered a couple of tubes of Crimbo Pringles in the drawer where we keep the cat food and Woman has just returned from TescoBurys with a couple of bottles of half-decent Sancerre.

    Anybody got a good Cheddar dip? Or salsa, maybe?
  15. You served 22 years and your this much of a bitch? You are more of a cunt than i thought you were. Or did you work in the Naafi bars, Sqn, Bty, Coy, LAD bars for 22 years. You should be proud of reaching lance jack. It is no mean feat.