not sure if its the right place... but a question

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by n_kernow, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. (run me down if its a stupid one)
    I am in the process of joining the RE (start Phase 1 on Monday), as a Royal Engineer do i still get to fight?

    (i already realise the 'combat engineer' bit, but just wanted to check)

  2. Most Friday nights if your get enough wifebeater inside you.
  3. Depends on your trade
  4. TLF, everytime your witty responses always give a chuckle.

    well dont you want to fight then ? maybe the ACF is better suited for you?
  5. fitter (general)
  6. no, i do want to fight. 'do i still get to?' not 'do i still have to?' its all in the wording see
  7. lYep. And work hard, gain qualifications and 'be the best'. You'll have to work hard to pass the course though, then the world is your oyster. You will have opportunities to earn you para wings, commando dagger, military diver (prob one of THE hardest courses outside SF) plus a whole lot of other opportunities. Remember....the RE are more often than not the first in and the ast out.
  8. ermmmm....last out. not ast out.
  9. If your full of Valour, you can even set barmines off in someones face!
  10. Of course, just pray that you are present when the planks do a runner and you take over the guns.