Not sure if i want to join.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TartanTrooper, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. been to selection and been deferred for lack of confidence, now i have been deferred its destroyed all my confidence and im not sure i even want to join anymore. just wondering if any of you have had the same happen to you but just stuck in and passed or what you would do in my situation?
  2. it is all part of the process! Get on with it and grow a set of balls - you'll never fit in with that attitude!
  3. What did they defer you on specifically? team tasks?
  4. yeah lack of confidence in the team tasks, i was helping plan them at the start and giving plenty of encouragement and help through out and got deferred, there were people there that passed and never said a word the whole time!
  5. OK, be assertive and make sure that your body language shows that you are participating and not just applauding other peoples inputs. Instead of saying things like: " umm well I think that maybe...", say things like: "With the objective in mind it seems to me that the best course of action..."
  6. There you go, thats what you did wrong!

    The first rule of the army----Keep your mouth shut and just get on with it!
  7. tbh pal, with if you do pass ADSC and get to the ITC with a mind set like that, you will my writing a DAOR the second it gets tough
  8. Part of the process buddy, your just nervous and because you have been deferred running low on morale. Remember why you wanted to join in the first place mate and when you get back to selection smash it alll !
    trust me you dont want to dropp out now, i had the same feelings and im glad i never pulled out !
  9. i originally got deferred for being underweight (which was wrong i might add) and felt down hearted for all of 5 minutes and i was ready to pack it in but then i manned up went back to my doctor to get weighed and wrote a letter to the docs at adsc stating my case and the deferral was lifted within a week, you need to take the bull by the horns to get what you want in this world mate and if your in any doubt about joining the army then id say dont do it mate, being deferred should just add fuel to your fire to go out there and do everything in your power to join the best army in the world, maybe they saw something in you at selection they thought wasnt quite right and they want to test your dedication to the cause, have a good long hard think about it mate, no-one here can give you the answer you need only you.

    Good luck fella

  10. cheers guys :D
  11. Let me guess, going for something along the lines of Infantry?
    Your problem wasn't you weren't getting stuck in with the planning etc, it was that you weren't jumping in first on the actual doing. Heard a good few people getting nailed for that, especially now with the current situation - they have a reason to be picky. Being hesitant in action isn't a good sign for a job where you need to be getting stuck in and toughing it out, a sign you might not make it through training. Why pick you when they could give the job to the loud bugger throwing himself over the obstacle first. If you had a more technical trade on your list, you would most likely have been handed the option of only choosing that or something else along the same lines instead.
  12. id agree with you grizz, i was the loud bugger in my team tasks and asserted myself during the "operations" ;) they said i led pretty well and i was noted for leadership, but it can go either way, MikeS was on my selection and put in a sterling effort but was only awarded a C grade :(

  13. If a little hurdle is going to stop you here, maybe its a good job, because im guessing once you hit basic your gonna have the same attitude and fcuk off when something else puts u down a bit. wasting everyones time.
  14. I wouldnt worry about it, the army aint the be all and end all most only join cause they have nothing else to do
  15. I wouldn't say i was the master tactician in the team tasks either, I think what made me pass more than anything was the fact I really enjoyed being up there doing it all...

    Maybe that is the difference, if you don't enjoy selection, how will you ever enjoy basic training?