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Discussion in 'Officers' started by HH_2, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. I was just wondering what reasons a corps or regt. might have for thinking that you aren't "right" for them.

    *Edited to remove original whining git post*
  2. You could always phone/ write to the Regt concerned and ask why? Ask what criticism/ concerns they had with you and what you could have done better. If you don't ask now, then you could be in for a shock at AOSB. 8O
  3. Who was it?

    A friend of mine was rejected after a visit to a potential Regiment for ordering the wrong drink at lunch. Everyone else had a G and T, he ordered a pint of bitter and was subsequently told by the CO (who was not present when the foul deed toook place) that officers from XXX do not drink beer during the day.
  4. Don't take it to heart. It may have been nothing more than personal dislike, a bit of snobbery or a snap decision on the part of one officer who enjoys knocking people back.

    Or it might be that you genuinely wouldn't have fitted in in that particular mess. In which case you wouldn't have been happy in the long term either. The army is a large organisation and there is no reason why you can't find your niche if you have the basic aptitude to be an officer.

    Study the threads on Arrse about all things officerish especially AOSB and Sandhurst and ask questions. If you are determined and prepare carefully you will probably make it. Rethink what kind of regiment or corps you hope to serve in.

    If you don't make it consider enlisting as a tom somewhere.
  5. Out of interest, how old are you? Just a possibility, but when I was 16, and had a look at a certain regiment, they informed me that they couldn't judge me at that time because they felt that I hadn't fully matured. (They were right, I hadn't.)

    This might be it if you're under 18?
  6. No I'm afraid I'm a soap-dodging student of 18...........

    I've edited my original post because I felt that it's better addressed away from a public forum, and my original post was made whilst still a bit dissapointed + therefore not thinking properly.

    Cheers for the advice though chaps.
  7. Its normal for PO's on a fam visit to be left in the hands of some subbies for a while, either in the evening in the bar or out on the town or wherever that particular unit chooses to socialise.

    The next day the Adjt will ask the subbies either individually or as a collective "can you see this individual in a XXX regiment mess?"

    very often PO's get turned away at FAM stage because the subbies say no, this however does not mean that you will never serve in that particular regiment, nor does it mean that they hate you. The final decision remains with the arms and services selection boards at week 22 (if indeed it is still week 22)

    The chances are if a particular regiment does give a no decision, it is for the best, remember you will have to live, work, socialise and fight with these people, and if there is a possibility, for what ever reason, that you are not for them, or they are not for you do not be disheartened because the army is a big place, and you will find something.

    The subbies thumb down does not in any way provide an indication of your potential, you can still have a very very happy and fruitfull career.
  8. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yep, that 30 Corps, best to keep them sober. Terribly unpunctual otherwise!
  9. Monty was a well known shandy drinker though.
  10. I myself will be one of those subbies judging on a FAM visit next week!

    It really is about fitting in and being happy most of the time. There are snotty regiments who'll refuse you for silly reasons, or what we would think are silly reasons, but to them are very important. And if you don't agree with the regiment on what is important, you'll never fit in or be happy there. If you're going to the infantry, there are lots of different regiments out there with lots of different characters. I'm sure you'll find one!
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    This is one of those occasions when regiments seize the opportunity to make themselves look ridiculous. Rejecting a PO out of hand before he's even had a shot at AOSB strikes me as daft, and allowing a gaggle of snobbish, bumptious, up-their-own-arrse Subalterns a significant voice in potential officer selection, based on a night or two on the p1ss, is lazy and wrong headed. I've known 'family' regiments where the officers' mess was riven with strife and hatred across the board, but remained functional, and regiments where all was peace and harmony in the mess but which were crappy and ineffective. Frankly, far too much emphasis is put on trying to detect odd 'officer-like' qualities in 17/18 year olds with s0d all experience of anything other than school and the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme. The reason that formal regimental selection is left until towards the end of the CC is because it is quite rightly recognised that it's difficult to make a judgement of anyone's suitability before then. Familiarisation visits, IMHO, should be just that, not some kind of semi-covert exam.
  12. You could try for the Royal Signals. They seem to take anyone interested.
  13. When a regiment says you won't *fit in* you won't. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. They decide they don't like you - so you dont fit. Rightly or wrongly they have done you a favour. Going somewhere where you feel you fit is very important.
  14. Is this not outdated now as well? I ask this because of the move to the larger five battalion regiments such as the Rifles and RRS. Would a no from say the 1st battalion be a black mark for all 5? This seems like quite a daft idea if it is.
  15. It wasn't actually a specific regt. it was the Royal Armoured Corps FAM visit.

    I came away from the visit thinking it had gone well, got on quite well with the other PO's, got what I thought was appropriately stuck in at the bar/night out with the YO's (i.e. didn't have one pint and then say "no thanks i've had enough" but also didn't get ridiculously drunk). The only thing which I thought was slightly shakey was the interview.

    I had possibly been a bit naieve about the whole process, I understood the first short FAM visit to the RAC as a whole to be almost entirely a visit designed to introduce you to the corps and what they did, rather than an assessment which would make a "yes or no" decision. It's a bit of a confidence shaker to be told by an entire corps that they don't think you're suitable, based presumably on a 5 minute interview and a night in the bar/on the town with YO's who are 3 weeks out of RMAS and not even fully fledged members of their own regiments yet. I can't think how else they would have made the decision.

    Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk, the Gunners ran an impressive visit and the interview there went much better.

    I have yet to pass AOSB so it could all be academic anyway......... 8O

    I'll worry about it if I pass, otherwise doesn't make any difference anyway.