Not so local accents?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by postman_twit, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. I've just recently moved back to the town of my humble updragging after 25 years away.

    It used to have quite a distinctive accent, a cross between broad Yorkshire and Hull.

    Since returning "home" it turns out the local accent now has a lot more Z's and a lot less vowels.

    My memory must have been faulty all along! Hmmmm :?
  2. Postie, perhaps you're not interesting enough:

    Postie: Hello, person from home town, I'm back.

  3. Sure its the right town?
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The white kids I stood next to in York last week seem to speak with some sort of Jamacan dialect

    There was one w4nker who seemed to thing talking like Ali G and ending every sentance with Aye and pointing his hand with little and one other finger out stretched was normal

    He kept shouting out song lyrics as well on a bus full of pensioners much to the ammusement of his mate

    And WTF is hat wearing your jeans round below your arrse all about
  5. I blame students
  6. It's not Stepford, is it?
  7. Our accent is bad but not as bad as Skem's! :D
  8. Oh christ Blunt, you aren't a Skemmite, are you?
  9. Apparently, it's to empathise with their "homeys" who've had their belts and laces removed as they're on suicide watch ( USA prison system, naturally ). So it would be fair to let them know that they're dressed like a nonce.

    Edited for crap spelling.
  10. The way 'i heard it started in american prisons and meant your were looking to be the catcher and not the pitcher in some botty action.
    Thick fuckers saw it and thought it looked good.
    Some of said thick fuckers have been bum raped for sending out wrong message on arrival in prison.
    Daft bastards.
  11. ull is the best sitee evah. I'm assuming you dont pronounce your H's.
  12. I can't get my head around how Yorkshire Pakistanis speak.....Its like when one of them hit my mates sister, he looked at my mate (her brother) and said 'wot yer gonna dooo abaat it?'
    My mate smashed his face in.....unfortunately the Paki's are like Taliban, they get on their mobile phones and like 5 minutes later theres about 15-20 of them......
  13. Has anyone noticed the habit, over the last 10 years or so, where everyone now thinks they're from east London and has dropped "th" for "f".
    Once on exercise (remember those - we used to have them before all these operations got in the way?!) a signaller decoded a message and told me I needed to go to "fawn wood". I spent ages looking for this bunch of trees that might look like a baby deer, only to realise he meant "thorn wood" and quickly had to beetle off in the other direction.
  14. ferty free and a fird years of age was he?
  15. Da reason for the jeans hanging down thing going on is:

    When in the US they had been in nick they lost weight, so their jeans when they came out were all baggy.
    So it became trendy to show that you'd been in nick.

    It then morphed into a fashion statement.