Not-so dull bastard

Without making this a poll and posting suggested names (I might be biased)... please post a list of your top 5 ARRSE contributors below.

Yes, I know, it's a brown-nosing love-in, clusterfuck.

What......... you want me to go first? ? ? ?

Come on, this place is in dire need of some innuendo fuelled banter. So lets hear it: whose pants do you wanna get into?
Joely richardson, cos I'm sure she uses Arrse under a clever identity.

She's probably JamieIsPantz


1 + 2, Love to read the constant ORG/MDN banter. Makes my dull life a little brighter. ;D

3 + 4, Eagle and PTP challenge my Daily Mail / The Sun perspective on life. :eek:

5, Ramillies for his almost god like knowledge in all things.

could do with more nudity from the female members as an incentive to drop in though...............
I agree - the MDN / ORG banter is fab - but as long as it's not JUST about their piss-ups. Unless they are going to include the lesser mortals in their next meet....

I agree that more nudity all round is required. That is what I hoped I would achieve by bringing the clusterfuck out into the open. :D

As for getting into peoples pants - I suppose as First Poster I should really open the bidding... but I'm not that brave...


Catnip sounds good, but there is always Lipstick, Forces Sweetheart, Blondebint etc etc, What we need is fresh blood. Ladies of easy virtue who fit the following criteria:
1, Have no morals
2, Have or have access to a good digital camera
3, Dont mind posting lots of piccys
4, have no morals

Sorry to drag off thread but i have been down the Pub. ;D
Well Para Talmer Pompkinson, otherwise referred to as PTP intrigues me somewhat... :) Where does he get all that time to go trawling thru the News sites every hour?

I wanna know if MDN and ORG are all mouth and no trousers.... or not.... Altho ORG's name does kind of put him automatically in the "crusty" bracket. Sorry.

I've checked - there is no Jamie is Pantz on here either. Shame!


Are you saying you could fill PTPs Internet surfing time with something more 'homely'?

O is for Old, Old = Experience, Experience = Enjoyment. dont knock the man until you have tasted the fruit

there is more to come out i think. ;)

Tis big and clever, you can get a feed on your desktop via the news ticker....

And TPT is looking good since she came off the snow :)
Sorry, shoulda putta huge grin next to the ORG comment. No offence - meant tongue in cheek... ! :D

Sure, there's more to come out. But I wanna hear from others first.

PTP - you said the internet was your life. I'm seriously concerned.... do you need your time filled by something more "homely"? :)
No, I need my spare time filled by something wearing stockings and heels and advancing tactically up the duvet, malice aforethought :)
No, I need my spare time filled by something wearing stockings and heels and advancing tactically up the duvet, malice aforethought :)
I suspect that's what ging-gwar meant.... Anyway, thought you had a new Mrs Pongo.......
She's not new

She's very lovely.

If she was new, then Jamie Badteeth would be playing Sade and getting pissed
No, what I meant was , she's been the future Mrs. pongo for a bit now, as opposed to new, and she is lovely, as in she's uncommon pleasant to look at, and talented, with the worlds' worst PMT :(

...and she's crap around Vodka, ain't she Sniper_Bird? :)

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