Not recomened for Infantry?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jegb, May 4, 2013.

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  1. Hi, appretnly if "Not recomended for infantry" is written on any of your documents you cant go (infantry obviously) but also Household Cavalry and other FR regiments in RAC is this true at all?
  2. No, it's an initiative test. The AFCO man will give you extra marks if you burst into the office and demand to be upgraded to ParaCommando.
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  3. Apparently if you are a total bedwetter, you can't join the Infantry and have to join a mincer Regiment like the RLC.
  4. And when a Corps becomes a Regt you can indeed join the RLC. But until then speak to UKTAP as he knows all about this Army lark by the sounds of it.
  5. Only joking fella, there are some good lads in the RLC really (ATOs).

  6. My recruiter,didn't have a problem with me being a tankie (MBT) or a gunner, so I can't see myself ending up in RLC, but if I was to be given the not recommended for Infantry label, would that stop me being in the Household Cavalry or Recce tank crewman?
  7. Depends why you are not recommended for the Infantry. Is it medical?
  8. Have you asked your recruiter?
  9. It's probably not due to an apparent lack of basic English skills.
  10. You need to ask why. If its physical (??) then this may make a difference. If its something else then God knows. Im not a fan of the RLC at the best of times even though im in it(!!) but ill always stand up for it from anyone else but then you will learn to do that whatever your in. But you could join the RLC, get some sort of trade, then go Cdo or Para training and serve in a semi Inf way. Or you could sit in a metal box with a big gun only to be told in 2 years time your not needed as tanks are old fashioned.
    But to be fair, the Not Being Able To Serve in Inf thing, you need to confirm why.
  11. My recruiter didn't think I would get along with other infantry soldiers, sins of my perants sending me to a second rate private school. He basically thought I was too posh, although he never said it directly.
  12. ahhh, so in other words "sensitive". Yeah, join the RLC.
  13. Have you considered the Navy? They are quite sensitive types.
  14. RAF Regiment for you then M'lad...

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  15. I would have had you down as being state educated so I wouldn't think that would be an issue......
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