Not received an Honour yet? Perhaps you're doing it wrong

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fat_Cav, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Now I've heard/read of a few stories, several debunked as bollocks, of SNCO's, WO's and Officers writing up their own award nominations. It's also blatantly obvious that it's a back-scrathcing exercise in the Civil Service to nominate each other, but for the amateurs out there; Are you doing it properly.

    The pop-up Ad prompted me to have a look at this website


    It's a helpful guide to nominatring yourself for the House of Lords, a quango or a Gong.

    Has the honours system become so bad where knobbers are touting for business to help get yourself honoured. I mean FFS, what happened to good ol' days of bunging a Political Party a wedge or employing their wife or kids?

    The website hints as nominating others, but it's clearly aimed at getting yourself an 'O' or a 'C' etc. :roll:


    Is it about time these were kicked into touch?
    I'm sick of reading about some old Spinster EO in Paper-clip procurement getting MBE's for services to Tea-Making, staying behind a few times, ad nauseam. Medicore nobody Company bosses, senior plod and some quango boss or other.

    I know this subject raises it's ugly head each New Year, HM Birthday etc. but this advert just about took the biscuit.
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  2. It tells you the correct procedure and format for applying on Government website.
  3. Civil Servants in the AA and AO Grades have their own award, the Imperial Service Medal which can be awarded after 25 years service. MBE tend to be reserved for SEOs and above, with EOs and HEOs misssing out completely; however, in my Department, I know of an EO and an AA who both got MBEs at the same time - the former's award was far more deserved than the latter's...
  4. Tessa (*******) Jowell DBE and Cherie (*******) Bliar CBE. Nothing else need be said. The whole lot wants binning.
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  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The Lord loves a tryer and there is nowt wrong with that in my book. This is a self preservation society and if you dont preserve yourself you can apply to a NGO for help.

    This outfit has been around for at least 5 years. And their Cash-For-Gong gig is obviously working. Otherwise they would go back to repairing pensioners roofs for rip-off money. Which is where they started.

    The proposition is simple. "You give us a consultancy fee. We'll tell you where to bung the Bunce. You get a Gong".

    It is a legitimate business but if I were not a vegetarian Buddhist I would stab them for fun.
  6. Back when I was a very young Sergeant, one of my officers suggested that if I write up my recommendation for award for my actions for whatever nonsense that had just happened, he would sign it and see to it that it was 'pushed' through.

    I told him that I was busy working, and that if anyone felt strongly enough that someone in their charge deserved an award then it would be their place to write up the recommendation.

    I always wondered if that was pure laziness on his part, or if he was fishing for his own recommendation to be thrown up the chain by me to return the 'favor' of letting me write my own.

    I never bothered. The next time that medals were handed out at company formation, however, I did get an award, slightly higher up the list than his, and this was a surprise.
  7. its a little tiresome hearing about civil servants getting x, y or z...

    ..not all civil servants are the dribbling retards that frequent regional bdes, ARTD and unit travel cells drawing O2 under false pretences. Within MB, PJHQ and the like there are numerous CS regularly putting in 10-12hr days, everyday, year on year adding real operational value. For them there's often limited promotion, high living costs and for a much reduced salary compared to military equivalent, IIRC a C2 (filling SO2 appointment equiv) earns around £30k a yr...
  8. Not all, however MOST are.

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  9. You think civvies are bad for it? A bloke I was on Herrick with wrote his own citation as the very young and inexperienced subbie was "too busy". He got the award too.
  10. Hey, so boots right way round 'n' bootlace bows symetrical.. :)
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  11. The pop up ad pays towards keeping arrse online doesn't it?

    Look on it as your opportunity to wear a gong that you did not have to fight on foreign shores to get.

    Now if you were Prince Charles who was made a Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Royal Air Force in the Honours list by his mum.

    Wheras all i ever got from my mum was a sodding jumper.