Not realizing one’s flies are open.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. I got my first payslip yesterday from my new job , I worked hard ( groveled) to get this position and although I have to keep repeating to myself “ I am a civvie, I am a civvie “ and try to get out of the habit of attempting offer correct salutations to Senior Officers I think I could get used to this.
    Now a couple of days ago in one of those staring out of the window moments I thought how incredibly lucky I am to have had the amount of support and encouragement that has put me back on my feet ,so to speak..
    Those of you that know about me will know like many of my Brothers both serving and ex, the acquired knocks and scrapes have taken their toll both physically and mentally over the years, but help has been at hand from many of the splendid organizations that have taken on what the gover…. Well we all know where this could go. I always have a soft spot the likes of the RBL and Combat stress ( and young girlies too ) and especially one such girlie who touched upon an organization I have sort of forgotten to remember as of late.

    To make amends I would like to remind you all of BLESSMA ( and more importantly rather than sending a cheque to ease my troubled mind I ask you to join me in donating to this challenge to be undertaken by one of our newest members to ARRSE, feelgood his post is here

    Thanks for bearing with me, for when I was reminded about BLESSMA I felt that I had been going round all day with my todger hanging out and never noticing .

    Mod's, If this is in the wrong place sorry , but I have my sensible head on at the moment.

  2. Donation winging its way!
    BTW, your flies being open was WAY too much information!
  3. I hear it's okay to have ones flies open when the tackle rests on nads the size of yours WW!

    Beebs x
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    WW .. there was me thinking about you and that 17 yo from the old job, and why you were admitting to exposing the old 7.62 :roll:

    Glad to hear about your new job, and I'm pleased to contribute [have done] to the cause you advertise [nice bit of spin, ensuring folks read the thread!! :1: ].
  5. If I promise to give more money, will you stop talking about WW's tackle?
  6. Your todger wasn't out? Bugger, too late, donated
  7. Are you intimidated by the tackle in question, or do you question the intimidation value of your own tackle?

    In short, yes, give more I'll talk less.

    Beebs x
  8. ah memories of the old days in the block seeing who had/was/is the biggest knob, didnt have camera phones then, as for intimidation mine is almost half the length of one of my legs , but that just proves "damm lies and statistics" ;)
  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I refer the Honourable Gentleman to B_B_C's remarks about "nads".

    Rock on, WW. ;-)
  10. Can I just point out I've never seen WW's nads up close like. I just assume they're mega nads. The sort of nads that an open fly wouldn't intimidate.....

    Has anyone got intimate knowledge of said nads?

    If so please click HERE make a donation and leave nad note please.

    Beebs x
  11. at the end of the day I think the winner of the artic 'nads challenge is going to be Feelgood, after all

    " our team of 4 will be taking part in the Arctic Team Challenge ; a 250Km race over 5 days in Greenland, consisting of Mountain trekking, Mountain biking, Kayaking and Glacier trekking. The course includes over 10,000 metres of vertical ascent"

    is certainly going to take a scrotum of steel .

  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    And despite being qualified, you're not going?
    Can't get leave with the new job, I guess :wink:
  13. I wish I was B_S. Specialist in the 10,OOOmtr decent , that me !
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sliding downhill on balls of steel ... easy-peasy.
    The other bits might be asking too much, though.
    Oh well ...

    Cheers, WW :wink:
  15. If feelgood has balls of steel, won't he feel a wee bit of a chill?

    Give this man money please. He needs to buy wooly undies!

    Beebs x