Not quite what the Wee Free had in mind?

Could you use words I would understand?
George Bush He bugs Gore.
President Bush of the USA A fresh one, but he's stupid.
Osama bin Laden A bad man (no lies).
The terrorist Osama Bin Laden Arab monster is no idle threat.
Saddam Hussein UN's said he's mad.
The president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein Press had to enquire if this man's dead.
Milosevic Cos I'm evil.
Adolf Hitler 1. Do real filth.
2. Heil, old fart!
Monica Lewinsky Nice silky woman.
Margaret Thatcher That great charmer.
Chairman Mao I am on a march.
Emperor Octavian Captain over Rome.

Aint cut and paste ace.
abacus said:
Yes she is.
I just didn't want to discuss anything to do with Britney in case it quantified her as a life form.

I'd much rather finger her whilst wearing her trailer trash hubby / brother / dad, on my fist.

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