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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Simple question, what are the consequences of failing to qualify for bounty, other than no cash prize?

    Scenario: soldier in their third year has not completed an annual camp due to say starting a new job (about 200 miles away) where taking holiday would be inconvinient then they may as well not bother with the MATTS. They've still managed to attend a trade course of close to short camp status, but probably can't request it to be considered as such retrospectively.. can it?
  2. I think you would end up going back to your first year bounty when you qualify again. will ask my spsi over the weekend and let you know.

    having said that can you not ask for a extension to training year or for a temporary leave of absence?
  3. Someone mentioned an officer (1 star) being able to issue a waiver but don't understand which circumstances it can be issued.
  4. I missed bounty year before last due to having to work on the final ITD weekend available (I know I should have gone on the earlier ones !).

    Other than the lack of cash from HMG come April (which I made sure work paid instead as a requirement for me providing support over that weekend) the only other downside was that it means I won't qualify for the TA medal, or whatever it is called, until a year later than I would have as I believe it is based on bounty qualifications. At no point have I dropped to a lower bounty payment as a result.
  5. Have a question on this, what if you start in the TA later in the year, is the bounty taken from joining or is there a cut off date ? Are the MTDs I have earn't so far going to account for anything (other than days pay) came the end of the training year ?
  6. IIRC the various TA medals are for continuous service, if you miss a bounty year the clock starts all over again. It may not seem fair but at the end of the day a medal only means something if it is difficult to get and you had to work hard to get it.
  7. It depends

    Can you cram in your MATTs, camp and required MTDs into the time between now and April?

    If you're only a few days short, can you apply for an extension to the trg year?

    You can apply for reduced camp (one year in 3 I believe), and there are reduced part-year bounties (or were last time I looked). However, they are usally for folk at the end of a tour who do the camp but don't get enough MTDs in.

    Talk to your Pay Seregant in the first instance. They usually know the rules
  8. So If I f**k off and do 2 years FTRS I'm screwed and have to stay in for another 12 years? Don't talk daft.
  9. MTDs is easy, I'm not sure about the MATT tests.

    IDONTNEEDAHAIRCUT had problems on the new system by missing one weekend, don't have to do more than one test weekend to pass MATTs?
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The VRSM is for 10 years of bounty qualifying service - FTRS counts, and gapped years mean a delay rather than a retstart.